Double Boil Tian Qi Soup


田七 double boil is use to regenerate blood cells, reduce pain. It is beneficial for post-natal women to recover and reduce pain.


  • 9 g tian qi (田七)
  • 6 g dang shen (党参)
  • 8 g tian ma (天麻)
  • 5 g niu qi (牛漆)
  • 12 g huan shan (淮山)
  • 12 g wolfberries
  • 8 g black dates
  • 1 g yu gui (玉桂)
  • 200 g pork ribs or chicken drumsticks


  • Blanch meat in boiling water, remove
  • Wash all herbs
  • Place all the ingredients in a double boiler, add in sufficient water, steam for 3-4 hours
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