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Fit for support Maternity bras

In the event of a pregnancy, the breasts are the first indicator that a woman might be expecting. There will be either nipple soreness, an increase in the size of the breasts or both. The reason for this is because of the hormones your body will secrete from the beginning of your pregnancy. As soon as you are pregnant, your body goes to work at once, preparing you to breastfeed your baby, regardless of whether you choose to or not!

While some women might not mind the least that their cup sizes seem to increase, some on the other hand find themselves wondering if their breast will ever stop growing! Having said that, size is no indicator of the ability to produce gold quality breast milk for your baby!

Most pregnant mums will find that their breast grows the most during the first trimester (the 1st 12 weeks) but some moms continue to have breast growth up until 20 weeks. After that, it will basically be the belly expanding.


Waiting for the ‘right’ time?

Many women make the mistake of waiting till the third trimester to buy a maternity bra while some even skip it altogether and wait till after their baby is born to buy nursing bras. This is unnecessary and usually too late! The last thing you will want to be doing during your first week home with your newborn and your engorged or leaking breasts is to try on bras! Maternity bras are actually a necessity to provide support and comfort for your heavier, fuller breasts while you are pregnant, regardless of whether you plan to breastfeed or not. Most maternity bras these days, are made to be worn from pregnancy right up to breastfeeding! It is even indicated in the names, for example ‘Maternity Nursing Bra” or Maternity & Nursing Bra’.


The importance of a good fit

Statistics report that many pregnant women are
wearing the wrong size bra! This could be due to the fact that many are still not well-informed about the importance of a well-fitting bra for their own comfort and well-being.

Your breast have ligaments which help support them as much as possible. When you become pregnant, your breast become bigger and heavier, placing burden on these ligaments and stretching them, especially if there is no proper support. These stretches might not be visible while you are pregnant and nursing, while your breasts are still full. Its after the nursing has ended that you will notice all the damage.

Wearing the wrong size bra or wired bras while breastfeeding can have dire consequences on your breasts. They may put pressure on your breast tissue and cause problems such as plugged ducts and mastitis (a breast infection). This can be detrimental to your health and well-being.

There are many choices of exceptionally supportive bras available and with the best fit for you. It will be worth the investment


Mothercare maternity nursing bras (2pk) RM188.00

What we like about it:

  • Soft cups for comfort and just the right amount of support
  • Lightly padded for a gentle and flattering silhouette
  • Curved front centre makes room for your blossoming belly
  • Dual pack – So that you’ll always have a spare when the other is in the wash
  • One black and one white – something to suit every outfit
  • Soft and comfortable fabric that’s gentle on your skin


Specifically designed maternity lingerie for lasting comfort and style

Size available:


Ease of Use 9.6
 Practicality 9.5
 Quality 9.5
 Value for Money 9.6
 Overall Score 9.6



Mothercare Lace Maternity Bra (2pk) RM154.00

What we like about it:

  • 2-in-a pack support bras for maternity
  • 1 white, 1 black
  • 78% cotton for cool comfort
  • Gives breasts a supportive fit as the pregnant body changes
  • Beautiful lace design for a gorgeous look and feel

Made for style, comfort and perfect fit

Size available:

34b – 40e

Ease of Use 9.4
 Practicality 9.5
 Quality 9.6
 Value for Money 9.5
 Overall Score 9.5



Fabulous Mom Sarah Nursing Maternity Sleep Bra RM35.90

What we like about it:

Provides much-needed night-time comfort and light support for sleeping time

Racer-back style makes wearing a breeze

Made with luxurious combed cotton for extra softness and super comfort

An ideal bra to be worn at home too for all-day support and comfort while your body grows and changes


Affordable comfort – No harm owning a few of this, for day use.

Ease of Use 9.4
 Practicality 9.3
 Quality 9.3
 Value for Money 9.4
 Overall Score 9.4



Carriwell Seamless Maternity Bra RM 79.90

What we like about it:

The perfect-fitting sports bra for pregnant women!

Specially designed to keep your breasts in the right place during your entire pregnancy.

The high-quality innovative sides stretches with changing breasts size.

With elastic soft fabric, perfect for working out while pregnant.

Seamless! Will not irritate your skin in any way and practically invisible under your clothes!

Easy to put on due to the X-form at the back; no buttons or hooks!

Probably one of the most comfortable bra ever made for pregnant women

Ease of Use 9.8
 Practicality 9.6
 Quality 9.6
 Value for Money 9.6
 Overall Score 9.7



Autumnz Debbie Padded Maternity/ Nursing bra RM39.90

What we like about it:

Soft, lovely patterned fabric any mama would love to have in her collection

Easy, one-hand release clips ( for nursing)

3-positions, easily adjustable straps

Three rows of hooks and eyes for better support


A maternity-cum-nursing bra made of luxurious fabric that is truly value for money.

Size available:

34B, 34C, 36B, 36C, 38B, 38C, 38D, 40C, 40D, 40E, 40F

Ease of Use 9.5
 Practicality 9.5
 Quality 9.5
 Value for Money 9.6
 Overall Score 9.5








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