Top 8 Baby Care Rooms

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A clean and well-equipped baby changing room in a shopping mall makes outings with the little ones easier and more convenient. Here are eight baby rooms we love.


Parkson 1 Utama ★★★

The dimly-litted room painted in serene hues of pastel blue gives a soothing, comfortable feeling upon stepping in.

Location Fitting room area of Parkson’s children’s clothing department next to Barbie.

Facilities Easy-to-push door, two curtain-drawn private nursing rooms with padded seats and electrical power points (ideal for electric-operated breastpumps), two changing stations, hot water dispenser, disposable bins, waiting area with two armchairs outside the nursing rooms, mirror, basin and tap.

Could do better with harnesses for changing stations, paper towel or hand dryer, armchairs inside the private nursing rooms and food preparation facilities (although space may be an issue for this).

Level 2, Parkson One Utama


The Curve ★★★

Decorated in tones of purple and sweet pastel colours, this baby room provides a comfortable rest stop. However, the room is showing signs of wear and tear from frequent use.

Location Next to Mothercare.

Facilities Two private nursing cubicles with vacant/occupied tags, armchairs, side tables and power point, two changing stations with mats, disposable bins, emergency alarm button, basin and tap with soap dispenser and tissues.

Could do better with easy-to-open door, harnesses for changing stations, power points in both nursing rooms, food preparation facilities and hot water dispenser/bottle warmers.

Level 1, The Curve


Suria KLCC ★★★★½

One of the most complete baby care rooms in town, it is spacious and elegant with an attached adult-toddler toilet.

Location Around 50m away from Maybank.

Facilities Automated door that opens with a push of button, three curtain-drawn private nursing areas with armchairs and power points, four padded changing stations with small basins and taps within reach, enclosed play area, two armchairs at waiting area, hot water dispenser, hand dryer and disposable bins.

Could do better with harnesses for changing stations, tissues for cleaning up mess and food preparation facilities.

Concourse Level, Suria KLCC


IKEA ★★★★½

This child-friendly store offers colourful and cosy baby changing rooms, adorned with their innovative products.

Location A few steps away from the main entrance and two more near the Ikea restaurant.

Facilities A lockable private nursing room with two changing tables and mats, one armchair and side table, basin with hot/cold tap, disposable bin, large paper towel, emergency alarm button, toys, hooks for hanging diaper bag, a step stool for the little ones to wash hands and a power point.

Could do better with vacant/occupied tags outside the door (someone tried to barge in several times while we were using the room although it was locked), harnesses for changing stations and hot water dispenser.

Ground Floor, IKEA Mutiara Damansara


Sunway Pyramid ★★★★

This conducive baby room is easily accessible and well-maintained. The mall has a lost/found child hotline in case of emergency.

Location Next to Levi’s.

Facilities Automated door that opens with a push of button, one lockable private nursing room with armchair, trash bin, power point and vacant/occupied sign, two foldaway changing tables with harnesses, shelf, play area, waiting area for fathers, adult-toddler basins with soap dispenser, paper towel, sanitising liquid for cleaning changing tables, hot/cold water dispenser and emergency phone.

Could do better with food preparation facilities and more private nursing rooms.

Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid


Isetan The Gardens ★★★★½


A nicely maintained and comfortable baby room decorated in tones of brown and beige.

Location Next to the baby accessories section of Isetan.

Facilities Open entrance, three curtain-drawn private nursing areas with armchairs, DIY ‘occupied’ signs and power points, three changing tables with harnesses and disposable bins within reach, one large basin with tap, a long and spacious couch, a mini pantry with microwave, sink and soap dispenser, hot/cold water dispenser.

Could do better with automated door with push-to-open button to prevent children from wandering away when mothers are changing their infants, emergency button and hand drying facilities.

Level 2, Isetan The Gardens


Subang Parade ★★★★★

A comprehensive and well-thought baby room that admits women only. There is a full-time attendant on site.

Location Next to Fitness First and Creative Nail Boutique.

Facilities Automated door that opens with a push of button, three lockable private nursing rooms with armchairs, trash bins, shelves, mirrors and hooks, two foldaway changing tables with harnesses, enclosed play area, seating area, mini pantry with microwave, sink and hot/cold tap, attached adult-toddler toilet, emergency phone and automatic sanitiser.

Could do better with power points in all nursing rooms.

Level 1, Subang Parade


1 Utama ★★★★

A spacious, colourful and comfortable baby room that can accommodate up to five mums and babies at one time.

Location Next to Pepe children’s boutique.

Facilities Sliding glass door entrance, five non-lockable, women-only private nursing rooms with sliding doors, armchairs and shelves (two with electrical power points and sarung hammocks), four padded changing tables with disposable bins and tissues dispenser within arm’s reach, adult-toddler basins with hot/cold tap, soap dispenser and mirror, sanitiser, hot/cold/warm water dispenser, TV area complete with table and chairs for kids and a reading/waiting area with magazines.

Could do better with automated door that opens with a push of button (the existing one is too heavy to be pushed open), harnesses on changing tables, food preparation facilities and emergency phone/button.

Level 2 (New Wing), 1 Utama






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