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When it comes to stylish dressing, many feel that it’s just the concern of sophisticated adults. This might have been true in the far past but these days kids as young as toddlers seem to have their own preferences in clothing items and apparel. This is even more so if they happen to have a favorite personality or character to emulate. Parents of toddlers can take advantage of their kids’ vain streaks to teach them how to dress comfortably and fashionably so that they may have good dress sense from a young age.

Teaching toddlers about fashion

Whether we like it or not, our little kiddos may not share our taste and preferences in clothing. As parents, it is essential to be sensitive to what your child likes and dislikes in clothing so that you may pick out clothing items that reflect their personal style, preference and also their personality.

Understandably, dressing your toddler up according to the latest fashion trends shows that your kids’ wardrobe is keeping up with the times. However, never try to force a child to put on something which is clearly uncomfortable for them, especially if he aim is just to make an impression. With some patience and smart picks or clothing and apparel, you can, encourage impressive dressing at a very young age while not compromising on comfort.

Fashion isn’t just about dressing up the body – Accessories and apparel matter too! Hat, caps, shoes, and even jewellery can all be manipulated to complete your little one’s immaculately fashionable look.

Here are some basics items of children’s clothing that can be dressed up and accessorized to reflect a personal sense of mini style.

Little Boys Clothing Basics

These days, anything made for daddy, are also made for his little boy in miniature versions, so there is hardly anything in regards to clothing items that cannot be found for a little boy. A few staples can go a long way and they should include the following foundational pieces:

  • Cargo shorts – These baggy shorts are super-comfy. They can be dressed up effortlessly with stylish long or short-sleeved tees or moderately formal shirts. Sneaker or kiddy loafers go best with cargo shorts. Throw in a cap and maybe a watch if junior fancies it, and he’s all ready for a day about town or a visit to the mall or anywhere else in between.
  • Jeans – No little boy should be without at least two good pairs in his wardrobe and one of those should be in good old basic blue. The possible ways to dress up a pair of jeans are endless and limited only to junior’s tastes and comfort. Either with his favorite t-shirt or a collared, un-tucked shirt for a more formal appearance, the look can be effortlessly completed with a pair of comfy shoes, a belt and perhaps even a cap or hat.
  • Checkered, striped or plain collared shirts – These are the items that will save the day on any formal or dressy occasions. Choose colors that complement your boy’s skin tone and cuttings that are not just stylish but are comfortable for him to wear. Aim to have at least one of each (checkered, striped or plain/ solid colored) in his wardrobe for versatility.
  • Classic polo-shirts – There is something undeniably classy in these sporty yet dressy shirts. If a boy can have at least two polo-shirts they will go a long way in dressing up slacks, jeans and cargo shorts by adding color and a touch of mini classic style.
  • Jacket – Lightweight, comfortable jackets not only look fashionable and stylish to wear on cold days or during long hours in air-conditioned places, but also come in handy when traveling long distance in air-conditioned vehicles.
  • Basic tees – These probably outnumber most items in little boys’ wardrobes and quite understandably so. They are the most versatile clothing items and can change a whole look in a jiffy with the variety of colors, graphics and cuts they come in these days. Play by color and style for comfortable, active days indoors or outdoors.


Little boys’ accessories and apparel ideas to build on:

  • Watches. (…not necessarily real ones!) Yes.. we are all quite aware of how this once famous piece of accessory is slowly becoming obsolete as a time-showing wrist-wear, what with mummy, daddy and everyone else reaching for their cell-phones to see the time. Still, many gentlemen still sport them and many little gentlemen still find it quite intriquing!
  • Caps. Nothing adds a touch of style and sportiness to a boys outfit like a cap. They are not only a fashion statement, but caps also help protect their heads and eyes for the sun.
  • Belts. A well-chosen belt does much more than hold up a pair of pants… It pulls the whole look together, especially a formal look and adds a final touch of style to a formal attire.
  • Dress shoes. Every boy needs at least one pair of formal footwear for special occasions to pull off the look of dad’s dapper young mini-me.

 Little Girls Clothing Basics

A mommy’s mini me may have more detailed items in her wardrobe, owing to the fact that she has dresses, skirts and blouses as basics apart from shorts, tees and more. Here are some classic pieces that no little girl’s cupboard should be without.

  • Floral or plain cotton dresses – Dresses are probably why a little girl’s item of clothing out-number that of a little boy’s. A little princess can never have too many dresses! Short-sleeved, sleeveless and even long-sleeved in comfortable cotton fabric. Printed dresses and plain ones. The most important is that the little wearer feels good about herself and is comfortable.
  • Crisp shorts – Playful, relaxed times call for these easy to wear pieces to be paired with either pretty blouses, shirts or tees. When paired with a pretty blouse, the whole look can be transformed to be more dressy with accessories, socks and shoes.
  • Jacket – For the same reasons why little boys’ wardrobe should have one or two of these, Little girls’ jackets can be more girly like in color and style.
  • Graphic or plain colored tees – Little girls naturally have more choices in this category as tees made for girls may have more intricate details to bring out the ‘girly’ factor. Different colors and styles can be mixed and matched to dress up shorts, jeans and skirts.
  •  Hoodies – Little zip-up garments that bring warmth and comfort. Solid-colored, plain hoodies also effortlessly add a dash of style and fashion to jeans, skirts and shorts.
  • Leggings – Simple and stylish, leggings are easy to wear and fuss-free. Leggings are fast becoming a staple in modern little princesses’ wardrobes. Pair them with printed or plain tees and sneakers for the playground or a trip to the mall.
  • Skirts (Pleated cotton, plaid or ruffled) – The possibilities of skirts are endless. They are available in various lengths and cuts. Paired with blouses or simple tees, they can be both versatile and stylish.


Accessorizing Ideas For Little Girls

  • Funky jewelry. Girls, no matter what their age, will never run out of ideas on how to pretty up their looks. Think earrings, bangles, bracelets, beads, lockets, rings and chains. Isn’t it wonderful to be a baby girl?
  • Shoes. Every little girl loves to be shod like a princess. Understandably so, for a nice, well-coordinated pair of shoes complements a girl’s outfit like no other apparel can do!
  • Sandals. For leisurely walks with the family or a stroll around the neighborhood, nothing beats the relaxed, laid-back feeling of a cute pair of sandals.
  • Hair bands. Keep lovely stresses off the face with a sweep of a pretty hair band. These days, the variety and choices available are endless!
  • Hair clips. Girls and hair clips can never part. Clips always come to the rescue either as a hair accessory or to keep hair away from the face or eyes.
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