5 Yummy and Easy Baby Food Recipes

Going organic and hands on for baby food is a trend these days, especially when the cost of making it yourself is so much more lower than the ready-made ones in store. Plus, making your own baby food for your child is fresher and has zero preservatives and colouring, making it safe for your baby. If you think it’s going to be hassle, fret not, we’ve gathered 5 simple yet delicious baby food recipes for you to start making now!

1. Sweet Potato Puree

Sweet Potato Puree

Simple and sweet, this puree is one of the most favoured by babies! Recipe here.

2. Blueberry + Chickpeas

Blueberry + Chickpeas

The colour might be darker than most baby food but I assure you the taste is wonderful. Recipe here.

3. Brown Rice Cereal

Brown Rice Cereal

Healthy and filling for your child! Recipe here.

4. Apple Pear Butter

Apple Pear Butter

You can even spread it on bread  for your own breakfast. Recipe here.

5. Blueberries + Mango + Avocado

Blueberries + Mango + Avocado

For mothers who are feeling adventurous, try this threesome combo! Recipe here.

Now that you’ve got an idea on how to make baby food, feel free to customize your own and experiment with new fruits and vegetables.

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