11-month-old baby died electrocuted by an amusement toy

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An 11-month-old baby died in China after riding a coin operated electric amusement toy. Before explaining what happened, we wanted to express our deepest condolences to this young boy’s family.

What was wrong with this amusement toy?

The amusement toy that caused the death of the little boy
Source: ChinaPress

In Fujian province (south-east China), a boy went with its grandfather to a convenience store. Like many other convenience stores, a coin-operated amusement toy for children was available in front of it. The children asked his grandfather for a ride. His request was granted and he started to play on what seemed  to be a harmless toy. Few minutes after the ride, his grandfather put him down and made him sit on a small stair behind the toy. However, he didn’t know that an electric cable was hanging out of the toy. Unfortunately, his grandson touched it.

The little boy was immediately electrocuted and fell on the floor. According to witnesses, his eyes turned green and he was unable to control his body. After being rushed to the hospital, doctors told the family that the little boy died instantly.

The consequences of this death

Electric cable hanging out the amusement toy
Source: ChinaPress

However, this is raising an issue. Because there has been many different cases of kids being hurt in similar conditions. In 2013, a young boy died and many other cases were identified by authorities.

The deadly toy was immediately withdrawn by officers. In addition, the owner was investigated for the unintentional crime. The victim’s uncle also strongly condemned the store’s owner for not maintaining his machines. Because as seen above the hanging electric cable could just have been covered with black tape.

This emphasizes how important it is to take care and do regular maintenances on this type machines. Indeed, even if they seem almost harmless on many aspects. These toys might be as dangerous as any other machine.

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