5 Ways To Preserve A New Mom’s Mental Health

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Being a mom is hard, especially when it’s your first time. Demands are coming from all angles and increase of pressure and anxiety. As if the outside pressure is not enough, there are things we do to ourselves that cause even more stress.

But there’s definitely a way out to preserve mom’s mental health and happiness.


Stay Away From Social Media For Awhile

While social media definitely fills an important need for the new mom, providing community and support. It can have a negative impact. Because over-reliance on social media make it feels like you don’t need in-person support. Having a person you can interact with rather than social media can decrease the sense of isolation. It is always good for the mental health of new mom to have the presence of supportive others face-to-face. For instance, you can have your mom or mother in law tagging along while you run errands. Besides, social media can expose moms to harsh and judgmental behaviour that can be damaging, especially mom who have not developed confidence in their motherhood.

Don’t Compare Your Baby

Just like everyone else is different and they excel in different parts. Even every baby is unique in their ways. Your friend’s baby may be sleeping through the night, but yours wakes every two hours. But what mom needs to know is that kids develop at their own rate and in the time that is right for them. Thus, the most significant sources of this anxiety are developmental milestones, and it is essential to support them as they develop. So rather than comparing your baby to another baby, be there and witness the progress.

You’re making progress

When you’re in the path of new mom life, it can feel very hectic, unmanageable, and overwhelming. It’s hard to take the path you’re on, let alone trust that you’re actually moving forward. But the fact is that you are. You are getting closer to feeling confident in your motherhood. You are growing with your baby together. But along your way, you need to learn to let go for a bit and trust yourself that you are enough for your child. Trusting the process is key in motherhood.

Stop Feeling Inferior

There are so many pressures moms face, especially bouncing back from pregnancy in a matter of weeks. Rather than spending the postpartum period focusing on recovery and bonding with our new baby, we are told to keep slim down. But when we find that it doesn’t happen quickly, we are frustrated and disappointed in ourselves. It is essential to exercise and eat a balanced diet to keep your body healthy to meet the physical demands of motherhood. However, mom should stop wasting time and energy focused on the idea that the current you are inferior to the old one.

Be Grateful

You’ve been through fighting wars such as fertility medications and treatment, morning sickness, excruciating pain without medication, spinal injections, major abdominal surgery, and providing all sustenance for a rapidly growing baby. But why not take a moment and appreciate your body instead of focusing on the flaws you see in your current body. You need to be making peace with the body you are in, and you will notice a shift in your body-related stress and anxiety over time.


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