Confinement Food

Confinement food for Chinese, Malay and Indian practices. Tonic soup, special diet to follow during confinement.

Double Boil Yi Mu Cao


  Yi Mu Cao soup functions to regenerate blood and to help to contract the uterus Ingredients: 3 g yi mu cao (益母草) 5…

Black Bean Soup


Black bean soup can help regenerate red blood cells, improve body immune system, detox and reduce wind. Ingredients: 50 g black bean 20 g…

Double Boil Tian Qi Soup


田七 double boil is use to regenerate blood cells, reduce pain. It is beneficial for post-natal women to recover and reduce pain. Ingredients: 9…

Papaya Soup


To improve breast milk and reduce heatiness. Ingredients: 300 g pork or chicken bones 300 g papaya (tips: slightly green papaya) 3 slices ginger…

Ginger Soup


Ingredients: 100 ml ginger juice 100 ml white rice wine 50 g lean meat – slice Method: Combine all the ingredients in a double…