Confinement Food

Confinement food for Chinese, Malay and Indian practices. Tonic soup, special diet to follow during confinement.


5 confinement myths debunked!


Many mothers or mothers-to-be are often puzzled about the traditional confinement rules and taboos. Here we discuss 5 Confinement Myths and provide further scientific…

Double Boil Yi Mu Cao


  Yi Mu Cao soup functions to regenerate blood and to help to contract the uterus Ingredients: 3 g yi mu cao (益母草) 5…

Black Bean Soup


Black bean soup can help regenerate red blood cells, improve body immune system, detox and reduce wind. Ingredients: 50 g black bean 20 g…

Double Boil Tian Qi Soup


田七 double boil is use to regenerate blood cells, reduce pain. It is beneficial for post-natal women to recover and reduce pain. Ingredients: 9…

Papaya Soup


To improve breast milk and reduce heatiness. Ingredients: 300 g pork or chicken bones 300 g papaya (tips: slightly green papaya) 3 slices ginger…

Ginger Soup


Ingredients: 100 ml ginger juice 100 ml white rice wine 50 g lean meat – slice Method: Combine all the ingredients in a double…