Heart-melting footage captures baby girl giggling in hysterics every time her dad tries to cut her nails

cute baby
cute baby

Cooing and giggling hysterically, this little baby has a great sense of humour and knows exactly how to give her daddy a fright as he attempts to cut her nails.


This adorable footage first appeared on Facebook after it was posted to the internet by the mother of the youngster, Marcelinha Dos Santos Iwama.

Since then it has been viewed over 25 million times on Facebook and has received an additional two million views on YouTube.

The clip shows the tiny baby, who lives in Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil with her parents, sitting up on the side of a sofa while her dad holds her hand and attempts to cut her nails.

Anticipating the sensation – and hoping to convince her dad that he missed his target and chopped her finger instead – the baby lets out a little scream.

The noise, which quickly turns into an adorable giggle, causes her dad to jump backwards in fright before he joins in with the laughing.

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The little girl, clearly aware that she has startled her father, stares at her dad and giggles before looking back down at her hand.

Her facial expression quickly changes back however and she means business as she looks down in concentration at her father attempting to snip the nail on her tiny little finger.

Biding her time, the youngster bursts into giggles once again and her dad, who is unable to hold it together, laughs along with her.

Third time lucky and the dad returns to holding his daughter’s hand.

But without evening pretending to take the job seriously this time, the baby coos in excitement and has her father and mother, who films, laughing once more.

The video concludes with the dad attempting one last time before burying his head into the sofa and laughing.


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