12 Hilarious Tweets From This Dad Proves Parenting is Fun

Hilarious Dad Tweets Messy Baby Human Napkin

12 Hilarious Tweets Show How Dad Communicates with Daughters in A Fun Way!

These 12 hilarious tweets from James Breakwell, a dad of 4 girls age 7 and under, author to a parenting manual during zombie apocalypse, will definitely make you laugh your head off. Read his conversation with his brilliant daughters and you will find the joy of parenting (or that his daughters are savage!)


Daddy, please go back to school!


You go girl! Determination and resourcefulness guarantee success. Daddy is relieved.


Can’t fight with her logic.


This logic is flawless too.


She is woke.


I see all his daughters are good in arguments.


Me too! This girl is my spirit child.


Wisdom and age are not necessarily related.


Poor child. I hope she made it up in the end.


Many parents could relate to this. It is fictional.


She knows what she wants.


Lastly, an impressive all-parents nightmare.

Certified. This could be one of the best dads ever!



I hope these warm your heart up or at least take away your stress for a while.

Want to know more about communication with your kids? Here are some suggestions on what and what not to say to your kids.

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