Toddler Care

To care for a toddler is rather different than a newborn. As the name goes, a toddler is much more well-developed, have firmer skin, and is more active compared to a baby. Here you’ll get more info on how to take care of your toddler or we called it ‘”toddler care”. Get step by step guide and tips on potty training your toddler, nutritious foods they should eat, how to handle picky eaters and many more.
little girl trying to read time

Children Can’t Read Time Anymore


Yes, you read it corretly, kids can’t read time anymore. Watch out when reading this article parents, you will immediately feel 10 years older…


Importance of Coding Skills


Somewhere in Malaysia: “Wow, Puan Mariam, your son created that computer game all by himself? He’s only five years old and he knows coding?”…

Your growing baby


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