Toddler 1-4 Years

Another day is another stage with every new challenge. Now your little one is a toddler and this is the stage where you will start the potty train, early education and many more. Be prepared for the endless ‘why’ from your toddler. If you are curious to know more about what are the other things you should do for your toddler, stay tuned with the write up on our blog.

Importance of Coding Skills


Somewhere in Malaysia: “Wow, Puan Mariam, your son created that computer game all by himself? He’s only five years old and he knows coding?”…



A essential for development or a fancy modern trend? Playgroups may not have been around formally during our parents’ time but today, they are…

Your growing baby


Tracking your baby’s development HighlightedBaby Development 101 From a  newborn to a cheeky, active toddler. All it takes is just twelve  months for your…