10 Trending Baby Names for 2016

In Malaysia, we’ve got a lot of baby names such as Jason-s, Kelvin-s, Michelle-s and Nicole-s which means it’s time we start being courageous and name our child with much more special names. After all, there are thousands of names for us to choose from and why stick to the common ones? We’ve listed 5 names for boys and another 5 for girls which are predicted to be trending this year for you to¬†get some ideas.


Gigi Hadid & Kendall Jenner

Gigi will be trending in 2016 due to very much talked about model, Gigi Hadid who has been, according to tabloids, changing boyfriends like how she changes her clothes. Even so, her talents and looks are really making young parents choose this name for their baby girl.

Gigi’s BFF Kendall Jenner is also making waves not only because she is a talented model but also a member of the Kardashian family. Kendall will be one of the top names this year following her success as a model.


It is also predicted that names relating to space are becoming a trend. Luna, is one of the favourite names for baby girls these days. Young parents fancy the mysterious vibe these names give out and plus, space-related movies are a hit these days!

Vintage Women

Parents are also starting to bring back old names such as Florence and Mathilda which are mostly related to old ladies. However, these names are making a comeback due to it’s classy yet elegant tone.


Point Break

If any of you watched Point Break, you would most probably find one of the lead characters, Bodhi, a very interesting personality. His love for nature is one of a kind and he is willing to die for the Earth. Bodhi is also very spiritual for it is the tree that Buddha sat under when he gained enlightenment.

Those days, it was simply hard to find any boy with a name related to nature. However these days, River is trending due to calm and serene attributes of the river. It also sounds adventurous and definitely one-of-a-kind.


Silas is also making waves due to its perception as classy and gentlemanly. Parents also find this name unique and different. Not only that, with the recent hype over Star Wars, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Anakin starts trending too. Luke and Leia are too common these days, hence the rise of Anakin as a baby name favourite for 2016.

Vintage Men

Old man names such as Harvey is also becoming a favourite! Classic names are making a comeback due to the immense use of modern and common names. Plus, it’s a good way to remember your granddad!


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