3 Reasons Why Organic Baby Food Is Better


As a mother, we always make sure that our baby gets the best of everything we can give. Organic baby food is one of the better options we can give to our child. It is important that our growing baby gets sufficient nutrients and benefits from the food prepared. If you are not an organic food fan, take a look at these 3 reasons why organic baby food is much safer and healthier for your baby.

1. Pesticides


We all know that the vegetables we get at the market and supermarket are exposed to synthetic pesticides which are harmful to the body. To reduce the risk, organic produce is favoured for young children and babies.

2. Antibiotics and Hormones


Antibiotics and hormones are injected to meats and this can be very harmful as these can make its way to dairy products too. Also, the bovine growth hormone which is injected in cows is known to have negative effects to our body.

3. Intense Regulatory Process


Organic products and produce go through an intense regulatory process compared to non-organic food. This means that is a high chance of you buying a meat at the supermarket which was fed with animal parts at the farm. To avoid your baby from consuming unhealthy food, buy organic produce and meat to ensure Baby’s healthy growth.

source: Wahm

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