Funny Babies Videos Are Trending

In this modern age and time, young parents are taking every opportunity to record every moment they have of their child with their smartphones and camera. They are also open to sharing funny videos of their child on social media which can easily go viral. Recently, many videos on funny babies has been surfacing and stealing the hearts of the internet world. Here are a few videos that will tickle your funny bone!

Babies need a lot of sleep but they also need to be fed on time. This video below shows a little one too tired for food. While drooping his little head from side to side, he still opens his mouth and consume the food fed while dozing off, how adorable!

While we all thought that babies are most afraid when they can’t see their parents, this young lady seems to prefer her father in a mask! She reacts when he takes it off, how surprising! Maybe this baby prefers a frightening look over a smiling face.

Some babies are entertained by toys, some by pictures, and some by sound. This little boy is having a jolly time stepping around in what seems to be his new shoes, for the squeaky sounds that makes him laugh. His cheekiness is one of a kind and is simply entertaining to watch.

Parents might think it’s a hassle when you need to bring your baby to the supermarket. In this video, it looks like Dad and Baby is having a good time playing with a toy basketball. The baby’s laugh will definitely brighten up your day!

Never lose a chance to record down all these precious moments of your children because time flies and soon they will be leading their own lives. These funny babies videos are just a glimpse of what may happen in a parent’s everyday life. Cherish and be thankful for every moment spent with your children.




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