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As a parent, it is important to always ensure that your little one stays safe. However, play is also an important aspect in ensuring that they are able to learn and develop to the best of their abilities. With GGUMBI, you will be able to do both at the same time, without compromising on your child’s comfort or safety.

Established in Korea, GGUMBI is a company that specializes in creating the best baby products for your little one. Some of their noteworthy products include patented play mats, indian tents, beddings, furniture and design props, which not only help stimulate your child, but also ensure that they stay comfortable and safe throughout.

With multiple safety certificates for the products by establishments like the Korea Certification mark (KC), Korea Noise and Vibration Technology (KOLAS), Soiete Generate de Surveillance (SGS), Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), Friend of Industry Technology Information (FiTi), American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and Communaute Europeenne marking (CE), you can be sure the the products produced by them are of the highest quality.


One of their most noteworthy products is the GGUMBI 12 in 1 transformation bumper mat. As its name suggests, this bumper mat is intended to be used as a play mat. However, this mat can be transformed into 12 different functions for versatility, and to keep your child entertained and stimulated.


Not only can it be used as a cot that can fit both you and your newborn baby, it can also be converted in a playmat, play house, bumper mat, bumper sofa, bumper bed, maze, desk, ball pool, wall screen and many more to suit the growing needs of your little one. Due to its versatility, it will definitely be able to help parents save big bucks in the long run. The mat is also made out of material that is not only comfortable, but firm enough to ensure that your baby stays suitably supported. Just lift up the sides and there won’t be any need for crib bumpers too. That way, both you and your baby will be able to sleep fine in it.


This 12 in 1 play mat can also help keep your little one safe and contained with its high 44 cm side bumpers. This height not only ensures that it is easy to keep an eye on them, but also prevents them from climbing over and escaping. These bumpers are soft, so that you can ensure that your baby does not injure themselves while playing in it. It is also securely fastened with the velcro on the sides, and is tied up for further security. This way, you will be able to step out for a little while with a peace of mind that your child will not put themselves into any danger.


In addition to that, in order to protect your little one’s sleeping quality, or for those that are more noise sensitive, their products are made out of noise control materials ie PE foam. That way, regardless of how much noise your baby is making, your neighbours will still be able to sleep the night away. Their products also do not contain any harmful chemicals, and its outer lining it made out of premium waterproof PU fabric to make cleaning easier. This fabric also does not contain any harmful materials, and will not tear easy unless it is cut by a knife or sharp items, making it the ideal playground for teething babies.

Currently available in our website, you will be able to purchase this product in a variety of designs ranging from cloud rain, new moon and sabang game (hopscotch). These attractive designs will not only make the mat look more attractive, but will also help entertain your little one as well.

For more information on GGUMBI and their products, you can click here, or visit their website at Below are also some fun videos showcasing their products, as well as video reviews.


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