4 Tips on Travelling with a Baby Abroad


It is just a dream or just a conversation with your spouse about bringing your baby to travel abroad. You talk about it long before your little one was born and finally, you are planning the trip. It is your first time, and you had no idea on what to look out for.

In fact, the thought of travelling abroad with your baby, you’ll be nervous about how your little one would adjust to a new place. So you search high and low for many tips and tricks for travelling with a baby. But while you’re was preparing to take your child abroad with you, there weren’t any helpful tips online.

Not to mention there are so many things that you wouldn’t think you’d need! So after extensive research as well as having the first-hand experience, below are the tips on how to travel with a baby abroad!



Car Seat or Car Service

You may or may not want to bring your car seat, depending on where you are travelling to. But if you are going on a road trip or even planning to rent a car, you’d probably want to bring your own car seat. But if you are renting a car with a car seat available for you, that’s not your, remember to check on the model and safety of the car seat.

Milk / Diapers / Wipes

If you are travelling abroad, you want to prepare for the worst. Once you stop breastfeeding, you have to make sure you bring an ample amount of baby formula. Before you travel to the country, make sure you research whether they sell the type of formula milk in their country because the last thing you want to happen is to run out of milk on your trip. The same thing goes for diapers and wipes for your little one! Here are some tips on the right way to bottle feed your child.


The first thing you need to do when you arrive abroad is to go to their local grocery. You can never entirely rely on eating out with a baby, so you need to pick up a few things to cook. You never know what will be available on the menu in a foreign country. So before you head out for a meal, research the restaurant or stock up things you know your baby can eat.

As much as you love staying at fancy hotels, when it comes travelling with a baby, it’s the best if you rent an apartment or house on Airbnb which are kid-friendly. It is much easier when you have a separate room for your baby to sleep along with a kitchen where you can prepare their food.

For more travelling essentials with your little one, visit Motherhood.com.my!

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