5 Early Pregnancy Symptoms for New Mothers

Am I pregnant? A question that comes through most of our minds when we feel uneasy or experience changes in our body. Sometimes, it might be the stress or maybe just us overthinking things. So what exactly are the pregnancy symptoms, especially if your hubby and you are trying for the first child?



1. Spotting & Cramping

You will probably feel bloated most of the time and experience spotting a few days before your expected period. This is probably due to the implantation of the fertilized egg to the uterine wall which causes a mild bleeding.

Bra Does Not Fit

2. Tender & Swollen Breasts

Suddenly wearing your usual bra gives you pain and weird enough they don’t fit. If your breasts are feeling heavy and the areolas darken, most probably it means a baby is coming your way.


3. Nausea and/or Vomitting

One day, your favourite fish and chips became your most hated dish because it stinks and causes you to feel nauseous. Being pregnant can alter one’s preferences in smell and taste which explains for cravings. Not only that, constant morning sickness plagues you and you can’t stop going to washroom to clear yourself are some of the signs of pregnancy.

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Tired At Work

4. Tiredness

You constantly feel the need to close your eyes for awhile for a quick rest. Your usual daily routine is also somehow affected by the lack of energy. However, fatigue is hard to judge because there could be other factors that made you tired. Even so, just watch out just in case the other symptoms also happen at the same time you are feeling tired.

Missed Period

5. Missed Period

If you have a regular period cycle, you will notice the moment your period doesn’t come. Consult the doctor just in case you’ve got a baby coming your way. Some girls who have irregular period patterns might not be sensitive over their missed period but if you are experiencing some of the other pregnancy symptoms, it’s best to go for a checkup.


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