5 Simple Ways To Ease Nausea During Pregnancy

Being pregnant, the days are always full of ups and downs. There are days when you feel energized and ready to go all out and others you feel totally exhausted.

Nausea is a common thing in pregnancy and often referred to as morning sickness. And your nausea may last for weeks, months, or maybe the entire pregnancy. Usually, the nausea is a fleeting symptom during the first few months and it eases up gradually.

So soon-to-be mothers, hang in there!

There might not be a cure for nausea in pregnancy, but there are definitely many tricks to ease your symptoms.



Eat small but frequent meals

Women often benefit from small but frequent meals in place of large meals when nausea is at its worst. One of the benefits is that it prevents you from getting too hungry or full. Because pregnant woman blood sugar level is always dropping and it triggers nausea. So if you feel like throwing up, eat carbohydrates as it is the easiest foods to digest. But do remember to look out for the ingredient labels, eat slowly and mindfully.

Don’t leave out proteins

While you consume carbohydrates, don’t leave out a small portion of protein. It helps to stabilize your blood sugar. For example, food like nuts, cheese, avocado and eggs. However, protein is important for breakfast because it maintains your blood sugar throughout the day and avoids nausea.

Consume some sour food

Most pregnant mothers find that sour or salty foods help to mitigate their nausea. This explains why pickles are a common pregnancy food. Besides that, a pregnant mother can also opt for lemon water, dried cherries or avocado to ease their symptom.


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Consume some supplement

Some supplements can be effective and the most common is vitamin B6 such as bananas, avocado, sunflower seeds, fish and so on. Besides that, ginger has been used to effectively help with nausea. As such, pregnant moms can try ginger tea or dried ginger. It helps you to lessen your morning sickness and at the same time benefit your body.

Keep some snacks right beside your bed

When you wake up and your morning sickness sinks in, it’s best to keep some snacks right beside your bed. For example, you can keep some roasted nuts or dried pickles right beside and help you to ease from your bed slowly.


Thus, soon-to-be mama, rest assure that this is only temporary. And your body is an incredible machine because you would not have been able to survive famines without a complex system.


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