5 Reasons To Send Your Daughter To An All-Girls School

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The Straits Times once published a forum claiming that same-sex schools did not prepare kids for life. But those who were once in an all-girls school, beg the differ.

In fact, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to sending your kids to either a co-ed or single-sex school.

Some families are caught in between making a choice between a girl’s school or coed school. But we can’t deny the fact that people who come from single-sex schools tend to have a certain pride and possessiveness.

Whether she wants to be an astronaut, ambassador, or accountant, a girl needs to know, and really know, deep down in her gut that nothing can stand in her way. In order to build this confidence, going to the right school is essential. Enter the all-girls school environment.


Building a girl’s confidence

A girl’s school often focuses on the development of teamwork and building confidence. It teaches them that women and men have equal rights. Because the skills and knowledge that women can bring to the table would be a refreshing counter to years of stubborn males who think that they can do it better. As a matter of fact, all-girls school teaches girls that their career aspirations are not limited.

Eliminating gender stereotypes

Growing up, we have gendered assumptions on certain occupations. Whenever you mention being an engineer or a CEO, it often conjures up assumptions about the position being held by a man. But when occupations like a nurse or teacher are mentioned, it would more likely be a woman. Despite all these gender disparities in our society, the single-sex school gives them a chance to have leadership roles. And most importantly, they were made to believe that they can do it better than a man in the future workforce. Even with all the negative stereotypes on gender, a female can definitely shine if a system exists to support them.

A closer relationship with mom

Going to a girl’s school, it gives them an environment where they can totally feel safe to express themselves. For example, it gives them space to be honest about things happening to their bodies where they will never be shy about girl parts. In fact, your daughter has no boundaries when they talk about their reproductive organs and functions with you. They are willing to share with you what is going on with them while engaging in an open and safe exchange of ideas with their mother.

They are the players

Going to coed school, your daughter can only watch how the boys are active in sports such as netball, basketball or even marching. But going to all-girls school, it gives them the chance to be the players instead of the audience. As such, they will feel comfortable to try new things and express themselves through sports and arts. Furthermore, girls school often encourage sisterhood, where your daughter get a small taste of what a girl’s school is like.

Fully focused on education

Girls school provides the kind of nurturing and encouragement a girl needs. Teachers are the role models which appeal to and encourage your daughter. However, all-girls schools allow them to really focus on the thing that matter to them, including their studies and their passion. Not having boy issues or puppy love is ideal in those circumstances. Through this, you do not have to worry about them being uncomfortable being themselves while they can fully focus their energies on their learning.

Therefore, it is not an issue to go to an all-girls school or a coed school. Besides, you would not want your daughter to sit back and be passive all the time. So going to a single-sex school definitely gives them the courage and experience in school. It allows the leadership and other strengths to blossom.

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