5 Things to Consider Before Sharing Your Baby’s Photos on Social Media

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Before you knew you were pregnant, you were sharing everything from your food to your manicure. Every single moment of your life, you updated it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and every other social media.

Now, looking at your little one, you may be wondering if it is safe to post pictures of your baby. What are the easiest social media platform to preserve those precious moments, without sharing it with the whole world?


A thought on the privacy setting

You may never think of privacy setting. But if you are posting pictures of your little one, you might want to give the impacts and potential trajectory a thought. Because you might have followers struggling with fertility and not ready to share your joy.

There may also be concerns with the photos falling into wrong hands, for instance, by people misusing images on the Internet. In this case, you might want to few options to share your photos safely such as by enabling a stricter privacy setting.

Social media as the lifeline

As a new mom, you may be worried or overwhelmed and social media offers a lifeline. While you are sharing everything happening of your baby online, you will be overwhelmed with advice.

But don’t believe anything people tell you without verifying it such as feeding, safety or even health. However, anything with minimal consequences, you can still give it a go!


Pictures of your baby pooping, constant updates on every cries, smiles, gurgle or reports on your baby growing up. It is fine to have the urge to brag about every little thing, but social media is a give and take. Thus, parents should be thoughtful about what they are sharing, why and with whom.

Update mindfully

Some parents create social media profiles, such as an Instagram profile under their child’s name, hoping to turn them over to their kids when they’re ready. You might love the photos of your baby in the tub or pooping, but how will they feel when they grow up?

Before you decide to create a profile, you might want to consider include only minimal information and use strict privacy settings to prevent any consequences.

Save your memories digitally

By the time your baby is 5 years old, you might have recorded thousands of hours of video, thousand over photos and thoughts you wish you could say to them when they grow up. But sharing it on social media profiles is definitely not a wise choice. But there are few ways to collect all these memories on the Internet.

For instance, electronic scrapbook sites or apps that allow you to create digital diaries. Or you can create an email account under their names and use it to send them messages, photos or videos in one place, such as Google Drive. They can read them when they get older and take ownership of the email address.

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