5 Reasons Why Being A Mom Is The Greatest Role


People always talk about the day you’d become a mother and for some, that day came long before they even realised it. Being a mom is like wearing your heart on your sleeve and it’s more than just a title and responsibility. As you’re slowly learning, you will find that you are no longer feeling alone, in fact, you’re a mother to a child and that will never change.

As far as this realisations could go, it is both liberating and terrifying at the same time. You live with unconditional love in your heart. Even your day to day routine has shifted permanently to accommodate your child.

And you’re slowly learning that being a mom is the greatest role that God has given you.


You learn to be your child’s role model

As you’re learning to be a good mother, you’re the reflection of your child’s action. You raise your child by showing how to truly take care of a family, showing them that hard work pays off and even loving someone can be unconditional. You teach your child these traits that no one can ever teach them. You showered them with love, kindness, protection and compassion. You are leading by example, and whether you know it or not, your child is following your footsteps one step at a time.

You learn to forgive yourself

As a mom, you will make a lot of mistakes in parenting from the start. And you constantly will, too. There are days when you get too busy taking care of three children, and you will feel guilty for neglecting one because you can’t focus on three at the same time. It’s inevitable for mom to make mistake especially when you place excessively high expectations on yourself. But mom, take it easy on yourself and you learn from your flaws. As your child grows up, you will learn to forgive yourself for those mistakes because you’re definitely doing great even on days you don’t feel like it. And you know that your child will believe in you and support you, no matter what.

You learn to create happiness with your child

Even on a difficult day, you find happiness with your child by doing something. You are still happy even if you are carrying the weight of parenting on your shoulders. You create small little happiness even by doing chores or baking together. Because as long as you are doing it with your child, you are contented. Being a mom, you can find something to smile even for the small action done by your child.

You are your child’s pillar of strength

Whether big or small matter, your child will always call you for help, advice and support. And being a mom, you are always the first to respond no matter how worn out you may be. Whenever you come home, they will call out to you the moment they step into the house. This is when you realised that being a mom, you need to be there for your child. There are times when you might silently cry over your pain and couldn’t sleep a wink when your child is sick. Because you are the pillar of strength and you teach them to be a better and strong person just by showing them what it meant to be a mom.

You learn that your child comes first

Being a mom, you slowly learn that your needs are secondary and your child comes first. And that’s what being a mom entails, When your child is hungry, you instinctively feed them. When they need a new diaper, you will never let them sit in their soiled nappy for longer than necessary. When they cry, you do all you can to soothe them because it breaks your heart. But as time goes by, you learn that it is what a mother should do and the unconditional giving is in exchange for what you want them to be a better person when they grew up.


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As long as you are a mother, it is always the greatest role in your lives. You taught your child strength, independence, and determination since young. And the unconditionally love through every phase in their life gives them a perfect family. Even when they are high on life, you are there to celebrate with them and when life has them knocks down, you have been there to set them upright. As far as a child could realise, you are here for a reason, to teach them the important lessons that no one can ever teach them. So dear mom out there, do believe that being a mom is the greatest gift.

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