5 Things You Should Say To Your Children Every Day

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As parents, we sometimes forget to express our appreciation for our children. Little did we know, that every word we say can make our children’s day better. They will eventually do well in their daily life and in everything that they do, if we know how to boost their mood. Just like adults, sometimes we need someone to give us some motivation so that we can do everything right. Same goes to our kids; we often forget that they do tend to be unhappy with the incorrect words that we use.


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So, as parents, parenting skills are fundamental to raise our children, and one of it is what are the things that we should say to our kids every day.

Here are the 5 things you should say to your kids every day;

1) How are you? How’s your day?

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Asking a very simple question like this can make them feel that we do care for them. Yes, every parent in this world do care for their children but how often do we show it? A simple question can make our children feel appreciated, and they will share every problem that they have to us if we ask them to. With this, we can know what is going on with their life, and we can advise them on how to manage their problems too.

2) You are kind

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A simple phrase like “you are kind” can make them feel happy. Why? It shows that you are aware of everything they do, even a simple act. Maybe they want you to see how kind they are when they are helping someone, and they want you to be proud of them. This is the thing that you should say if your kid shows an outstanding act and it will make them want to repeat the kind act. It sounds simple, but it can make our children to be a good human being in the future.

3) Please and Thank You

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We always teach our kids to show kindness to all but do we practice it in front of them? Do we say please when we need something? Do we say thank you if we receive help from somebody? Remember, our kids will follow our steps and attitudes just like sponge. They will absorb everything either good or bad habits, so, as parents, please show good manners to them so that they can absorb, learn and apply them in the future.

4) I’m sorry

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How do you feel if somebody refuse to say sorry after they made a mistake? Annoyed? Same goes to our children. Parents are not always right, and parents make mistakes too. Don’t feel shy to say sorry to our kids because from that; they can apply the same thing to other people when they make mistakes too.

5) I love you

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We often forget to say I love you to our kids because we think that they know. Yes, they surely know that we love them but isn’t it sound nicer and overwhelmed when we say it out loud to them? Kiss them goodnight and tell them how much you love them before they go to bed every day can make them feel happy more than you can imagine.

All in all, as parents, we have to show them the best attitude so that they can learn from us. Remember, our kids also need affection from us every day. Try to say these 5 things starting from today and see how it can make your children to be better, day by day.

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