5 Things Working Moms Should Know


Being a working mom has never been easy, they are tired of feeling judged, and tired of people thinking they aren’t good moms. While with all these talks behind their back, it’s making them reflect on being a mom and how each year is so different.

Being a mom might have been the hardest, but I’m pretty sure it’s the most gratifying job ever. Nevertheless, being a working mom, it throws a different set of challenges. Through it all, you slowly learn how to prioritize and creating boundaries.


Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

It’s important to have a few people in your life that you can actually rely on. With that said, when you feel like you’re suffocating with all the work and can’t balance in between, ask someone to help! Whether it’s your neighbour or your in-laws, ask for their lending hand. Nothing is worse than bringing the stress of work back home. So if you need some time off, don’t feel guilty!

Make Time for Family Time and Don’t Be Interrupted

Nothing should come between you and your work and that should be the same attitude with your family. Whether it is an hour or half, put your phone away and fully focus on making memories with your family. For instance, you can take your child out to get ice cream or to the park. There is no better feeling than seeing your family laugh so freely in that pure happiness.

Communication is The Key

Besides a group chat, have a master family calendar visible at your home. Writing down the days that you will be travelling or late night helps you to put your family fully aware of your upcoming schedule. Through this, you wouldn’t have to put them on a surprise or last-minute arrangement Being away from your family is stressful, so do people around you.

Know your Limits

There might be times when you feel guilty and you feel like you need to compensate your family. You will try to do everything, from breakfast to getting ready for school, cleaning up to dinner time and even bedtime. But the working mother should know your limit, it’s not realistic for someone to do everything. It’s important to split responsibilities and setting ground rules in a family.

Be Fair

As a working mom, you need to try to keep your work at the office and be totally present with your child when you’re home. There might be days where you have to work from home, but you can’t expect your child to entertain herself all the time. You need to be fair and be vocal about what you’re doing, so your child knows what is going on. While you are replying emails or reading some important stuff, you can allow your child for some screen time by watching children-friendly videos. But once you’re done, the screen time is over. So, be fair to your child because you need to meet them in the middle.

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