5 Tips To Losing Weight After Pregnancy

It’s natural for mothers to weigh much more than they usually do after giving birth. If you are feeling depressed and not confident about your post-pregnancy, stop feeling so and start doing something about it. Here are a few tips to losing weight after pregnancy that will help you shed that few pounds.



1. Move, Move, Move

6 weeks after your pregnancy is the best time to start strolling at the park for 10-20 minutes. As you get stronger each week, you can start walking further and by the next two months, you can start slow jogging. Do not wait till your child is 1 years old to only start exercising because it will be too late and the rate of slimming down will be slower than before. Besides, if you constantly exercise, it takes almost one year to shed it all.


2. Drink More Water

Drink plenty of water everyday because not only does it prevent you from getting dehydrated but also make you feel full which means you will not eat as much. Also, water helps to speed up your metabolism. Water also freshens you up and gives you more energy to go on with your daily activities.


3. Tweak Your Diet

When you were pregnant, you ate for two person. So after giving birth, your appetite will not change unless you change it. If you are going for a second bowl of rice every dinner, try to reduce to only one bowl of rice but consume much more vegetables. Cut down on snacking and supper because these are habits caused by cravings during your pregnancy. Soon, your tummy will shrink and so will your appetite.

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4. Breastfeed

Breastfeeding is not only beneficial to your child but also good for you to lose weight too! To breastfeed, you need an extra 500 calories but when you breastfeed you burn 600 to 800 calories which means your fat will be turned into energy to help you replenish the energy that is lost.


5. Discipline and Determine

Last but not least, you must be discipline and determine to shed those pounds. Also, don’t give up easily because it can be tiring to be a mum and sometimes you just want to stop exercising to rest more. Exercising can actually clear your mind and relieve tension! Think of all the new dresses and jeans you haven’t wear because you bought it before you knew you were pregnant, that will certainly motivate you!

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