5 Ways to Raising A Child With ADHD


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental disorders in children. It can extend to their teenage years, or even throughout their whole lives. This disorder causes hyperactivity and causes it to be difficult to control their impulses.

One major hurdle in managing ADHD is acceptance and awareness. Yet sometimes, ADHD can be mistaken for poor parenting or lack of discipline. Raising a child with ADHD is not easy. In fact, maintaining normal household rules can become almost impossible.  At times, it can be even frustrating. Though there is no one-size-fits-all treatment, there are ways to manage children with ADHD. So if you’re dealing with them, you will have to adopt different approaches.


Limit distractions

Children with ADHD are often easily distracted – be it television, video games or content-related. It encourages impulsive behaviour and thus, should be regulated. In fact, parents should decrease their time with devices and engage them in activities out of the house. Through this, it helps them to have an outlet for their built up energy.


Sometimes, aggressive outburst can be a common thing. So “time-out” is definitely the most effective way to calm both you and your child. For example, if they act out in the public, they should be taken to a quiet place for them to calm down. Time-out is a way to explain to your child as a period for them to cool down and reflect on their behaviour.

Remain positive

Children with ADHD do not realise the stress that they cause. Therefore, it is important for parents to remain positive. For example, praise your child for their good behaviour so that they know they had done something right. ADHD will not last forever, so it is crucial for parents to have confidence in their child and be positive about their future.

Regulate sleep patterns

Getting your child to bed is especially difficult, especially since the lack of sleep exacerbates hyperactivity. So it is important to help your child to get some rest. You should also avoid stimulants such as sugar or caffeine and screen time before sleeping. In such cases, parents should establish a healthy and calming bedtime ritual.

Don’t get frustrated

ADHD children behaviour is caused by a disorder. It might not be visible on the outside, but it’s a disability that should be treated. So when you are dealing with your child, remind yourself that they can’t “just be normal”. Thus, parents should not get overwhelmed or lash out to them.

Nonetheless, each child has their uniqueness and requirements. Although they have ADHD disorder, you should never outcast them, instead guide them along. Even children diagnosed with ADHD have grown up to lead very fulfilling and productive lives with good stable jobs and happy families. Your child can too.

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