6 Ways to Building Your Self-Confidence As A Mom


As you’re taking the first step to being a great mom, you learn through trial and error. And it makes you feel like you’re doing it wrong, no matter what. Being a mom is a self-confidence game. Mothers are taking their job with a lot of responsibility and it has the paramount effect in shaping child’s self-esteem and even well-being.

I do believe moms hope that babies come with an instruction manual when they start second-guessing every move they take. So what can you do to start believing in yourself? Where did your self-confidence go?


Seek advice from those who are experienced

Spend some time with your friends who have been mothers to few children, or your parents. Talk to them ask them about their lessons learnt through parenting. What would they do differently? Because it helps you to learn from their years of wisdom and become more confident.

Social media is your friend

Social media can sometimes be a spiral of negativity and self-doubt, but you cannot deny it can be a wonderful tool. It helps you to connect and learn from other moms. You can even learn to parent from over a plethora of articles shared on social media. But bear in mind that all advice should be taken with a grain of salt. Do additional research, support and connect with other moms in a positive way through social media.

Mistakes happen

The road to becoming confident begins with you acting like it. It makes your baby feel safer, calmer and happier. But do allow for mistakes, don’t blame yourself for it. We are human and mistakes happen. Learn from the mistakes. Newborns are resilient and it is absolutely normal for parents to mess a few things up.

Don’t compare yourselves

Scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and looking at famous moms and how they deal with their children is all well and good, but there is one thing you MUST remember. They are not you. What is shown on social media is only one piece of the puzzle. Everyone’s motherhood journey is different. So don’t compare and just enjoy being with your baby and your child’s development!

Have a little fun

Enjoy all the little moments with your new baby. Seeing your little one conquer a new milestone will remind you of how good a job you’re doing. It always gets better once you hear the first giggles. Remember, it takes a little fun and practice to become more confident and comfortable.

Don’t forget to be confident!

Motherhood consumes you and that is a part what makes it so beautiful. Find your strength and weakness as a person, not just a mom. And you will slowly see how these strength and weakness transit to motherhood. Be confident enough to discover what you enjoy about yourself and your baby.

The thought of being an unfit mother would definitely creep in now and then. Even celebrities like Belinda Chee face it! You might think that you’re not meant to be a mom, but take this as a life challenge. Believe that you can do it. There is no secret recipe for being the best mother and taking care of a baby. Self-confidence is the mindset that needs to be practised and mastered in motherhood.

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