The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Epidural Injections

The epidural injection is known to be a pain reliever for women who wish to go through a painless delivery process. Mothers who are going through labour for the first time will undoubtedly be afraid and wishes to give birth to their child in the least difficult way. Here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of epidural injection.


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Types of Epidurals

According to the American Pregnancy Association, there are two basic forms of epidural anaesthesia available. The specific type of epidurals used by hospitals vary. Hence, you should find out beforehand which epidural your hospital utilises.

  • Regular Epidural

The effect of a regular epidural is very heavy and will cause the mother to feel very numb and ‘dead’. This makes movements very difficult and the mother will need assistance in order to give birth actively.

  • Walking Epidural

The walking epidural uses the same types of medications as the regular epidural, only in much lesser amounts. Mothers using this epidural will have a little sensation on the lower part of their bodies, unlike the regular epidural. With this, the mother can participate more actively during labour.

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The first and main benefit of the epidural is, of course, to deliver a baby painlessly. The epidural could be used both during a natural birth or a C-section. It can also help the mother rest if the labour is going to take a while. To conclude, it allows a mother to have a better birth experience without having to go through so much pain.


Some risks of an epidural would include being exposed to the side effects. For example, mothers may suffer from soreness and backache, severe headaches, constant bleeding from the injection, fever, difficulty in breathing and sudden drop in blood pressure. It is very dangerous as it can slow down the baby’s heartbeat rate.

It is incredibly important to be aware of the fact that though these risks exist, they are also very rare.

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