Andrea Grant: Burn Survivor Defies All Odds To Give Birth

andrea grant

Let’s face it, every mother out there is a superhero. Taking it up a notch by defying against all odds is a burn survivor and a mother of two; Andrea Grant. Back when she was little, Andrea Grant and her twin brother have sadly suffered from serious burns caused by a gas leak explosion in their home.


andrea grant

Fast forward 11 years later, the now 24 years old Andrea found out that she was pregnant and sadly, doctors told her that due to her scars on her stomach, it is hard for her stomach to grow hence risking the chance for the baby to grow and survive. Defying against all odds, Andrea now has not one but two beautiful children of her own with the youngest one being just delivered recently.


Safely delivered her second baby on the 12th October 2016, Andrea proved to all the doctors for the second time that despite having burn scars all over her, she was still able to persevere and deliver her baby. No longer considering herself as burn victim but a burn survivor, Andrea celebrated her pregnancy with a beautiful, glamorous photo shoot with photographer, Terrence Armand.

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andrea grant

andrea grant

The photos have been viewed and liked by thousands, turning Andrea Grant into an instant viral sensation. To Andrea however, the photos are not there just to record her beautiful pregnancy journey but also to remind all the women out there that they are beautiful and remind them to love their bodies no matter what.

andrea grant

So mommies, the next time you complain about your baby fat, do remember that your body has created a miracle that might not be easy to achieve for some people. Keep that smile on and work it! Follow Andrea’s journey on motherhood and bravery on her Instagram @chillonmill.

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