The Importance of Art for Your Child’s Development

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Nowadays people are always thinking of acing in science or math, and they don’t take arts seriously. You see your little ones having so much fun finger painting themselves while mixing all the colours together and you ask her “Hey, what are you doing?” and she tells you.

Sometimes, he or she will shrug and never think much of it until you asked. Let her be and allow your kids to enjoy the artistic process of his or her masterpiece.


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Letting your kids be creative doesn’t mean that it would increase their chance of becoming the next Vincent Van Gogh, but it will improve their mental, social and emotional development.

According to Mary Ann F.Kohl, the author of Primary Art: It’s the Process, Not the Product, she stated that art can boost young children’s ability to analyse and problem-solve. What is most important is that art helps increase one’s self-confidence.

Credit: Centre d’Art La Salamandre

Why is art important for your child’s development?

1. Perform better

Students who are interested or involved in arts are better in academics compared to those who are not. Art inspires students to excel in and also out of the school walls, increases motivation, improves attitude and performance.

2. Creative

This may sound like an obvious answer, but it’s true. The effects of enhanced creativity extend to many aspects of your child’s life. Creativity is also a skill which open doors later in their future. According to research, 72% of employers say that creativity is the number one skill they look for when hiring.

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3. Critical thinking skills

Art strengthens kids’ critical thinking skills. Drawing, painting and sculpting teach them how to interpret and use visual information.

Credit: Spurgeons Children’s Charity

4. Confidence

Kids build confidence when they improve and develop skills through repetition and practice. Studies also show that when children participate in arts and provide criticism and praise one another, the feedback they give to each other builds self-respect.

5. Discipline

The truth behind this is the ongoing commitment and practice they put in to improve. Kids learn discipline skills that will benefit them in many aspects of life.

I think that art is very important for a child’s development. Some are born with artistic talent, and some are not, but with practice and determination, nothing is impossible. It is a skill that can be really helpful and beneficial for them in their future. Don’t forget, art is everywhere.

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