5 Baby Care Tips: How To Care For Your Newborn Baby

A newborn baby is very fragile and needs the right baby care to protect him/her from sickness. Taking care a newborn baby is not easy but don’t feel stressful about it, instead look at it as a beautiful journey of growing up together with Baby. Don’t know where to start? Take a look at the 10 baby care tips that we’ve listed below:


Washing Hands

1. Clean Hands Before Holding Baby

To lower the chances of Baby getting in touch with bacteria and virus, sanitize or wash your hands before dealing with Baby. This hygienic move is applicable to all who wants to hold, feed, or even change the diapers for Baby.

Tickle Baby Feet

2. No Rough Play

Even if we want to make Baby laugh, try not to toss him/her in the air or spin around while holding him/her. This can cause internal bleeding which can cause death. Tickling is a good way to interact with your baby and also cooing will allow you to have a healthy bonding time with Baby.

Holding Newborn

3. Support at The Right Place

If you are holding Baby for the first time, make sure one hand is supporting the neck and the other one at the bottom. Whether it is putting Baby down or lifting him/her up, make sure you support the head and the neck.

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4. Play Music

If Baby is restless, turn on some instrumental music that is peaceful and calm. Most of the time, this works for mothers who find it hard to soothe their child. You don’t have to spend money on CDs because YouTube has everything you need! Just play it through your laptop and when Baby is asleep, you can switch it off.

Baby Bath

5. Bathing Temperature

Make sure you pour in the water first before putting the baby in. A favourable 37°C temperature is good enough for Baby to have a relaxing bath. However, it is always better to test the temperature with a thermometer and not assuming with your own hands because what we think is fine might actually be too hot for Baby.


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