Baby laundry detergent – Is it really necessary?


While preparing for the arrival of your baby, you will be washing tons of cute little baby clothes, sheets, towels and also blankets. It doesn’t stop there because you will be doing more washing after the arrival of your little ones. Experts and pregnancy books will tell you to take good care and maybe spend more on baby laundry detergents so that your baby’s skin will not be bothered once he or she is born. Do you ever wonder why they come out with that advice?

Anyway, you might not have any idea on how your baby’s skin could be affected by using normal laundry detergent, right? Little did you know, that by using the regular laundry detergent, it can leave unnecessary residues on your baby’s clothes. You will probably be shocked at just what your laundry detergent has in it. Not many people tell you that actually, the usual detergent we use for our laundry is actually harmful to babies. Is that true? Yes, it is!

Many parents do not realize that they can actually avoid their little one skin’s from getting rashes by using the proper baby laundry detergent for their babies. The truth is that newborns have very sensitive skin. They will most likely get all sorts of rashes, peeling of the skin and difficulties with their delicate skin in the first week after their arrival. And yes, the problem can be attributed to using normal detergents to wash their clothes, blankets and so on.

In fact, anything that comes in contact with your baby’s skin may be what causes the breakouts including the residue from the regular laundry detergent that you use every day. How can you avoid this from happening? Well, by using the baby laundry detergent of course!

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But how should you know how to select a good laundry detergent for your babies? Let us tell you what makes a good laundry detergent for your little ones!

Gentle on your baby’s skin

A good baby laundry detergent should be gentle on your babies skin. Triggering your baby’s skin allergies is the worst. It will result in your little one looking like he or she has been in a paintball fight with painful looking red splotches. Skin allergies are very common in infants. If you are aware of this, you should be aware that the wrong laundry detergent can be harmful to your baby. I believe you would not want your baby to face all of the uncomfortable feelings due to skin irritation or allergies on their skin because you are using the harsh laundry detergent, right? It’s important to choose a laundry detergent made out of natural ingredients because it can lessen the chances of triggering your baby’s allergies. 

Natural and Safe

It should be natural and safe! Well, the skin of a newborn is very fragile and sensitive and is very easily affected by outside contaminants. So, here you have a big responsibility in choosing the best laundry detergent for your baby.


That is why you should purchase a baby-friendly laundry detergent like Nappikleen Newborn Liquid Wash. Nappikleen Newborn Liquid Wash is a certified non-allergenic liquid wash which is dermatologically and hypoallergenic tested. The PH is also neutral which is very safe for baby and the mother’s hand. The liquid wash is extracted from 100% natural soap nuts and it does not leave any harmful residues on baby’s skin. This detergent also keeps clothes fresh and gives a delicate fragrance long after washing. Clothes and any other fabrics will be soft and comfortable to wear because it softens the fabrics.

So, is it really necessary to use a baby laundry detergent for your baby?

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The answer is yes! With all the facts that I have shared, it is really clear that you should change up your regular laundry detergent to a baby laundry detergent for your little ones to avoid all of the unnecessary skin irritations and allergies!

Nappikleen Newborn Liquid Wash

Parents can now switch to NappiKleen Newborn Liquid Wash because it is a mild and gentle detergent that will not cause skin irritation or allergies for your little one! NappiKleen Newborn Liquid Wash is made with high-quality ingredients, mild and gentle on baby, meaning that it is certainly the product to use for those with sensitive skins. 

In conclusion, a newborn’s skin is very fragile, therefore, it is important for you to purchase a good quality laundry detergent. If you have to spend more on it, spend. Never hesitate to purchase a good laundry detergent for your little one. Safety first. You don’t want to see your little one suffer from skin allergies, do you? So, what are you waiting for? Change your detergent to Nappikleen now!

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