6 Reasons why you should purchase Bambo Nature nappies

Not all baby products are necessarily safe, and that includes diapers and training pants too. Many people have no clue that diapers legally contain harmful chemicals that can cause cancer, asthma, hormone disruption, eczema, rashes, and chemical burn in babies. In fact, most baby products can trigger allergy reaction in babies and could be harmful. But worry not moms, Bambo Nature is nothing but a healthy Eco-conscious diaper and is a diaper we recommend that families consider when looking for a healthy, green, disposable baby diaper.


Bambo Nature is an Eco-friendly green diaper with high quality, which also gives that high-end feel. Out of 23 health products, this diaper earned the highest score for health tying with Seventh Generation, affordable green diaper. This makes it an excellent diaper for parents who are concerned with health and who wants to limit chemical usage. This diaper absorbs well, prevents leakage and has impressive Eco-friendly aspects that helped it stand out from the crowd.

Bambo Nature

Furthermore, Bambo Nature diapers and training pants are made from 100% sustainable materials with zero chlorine in the bleaching process and contain zero optical brighteners. There are no dangerous chemicals or allergens in their products; they’re fragrance-free as well as free from essential oils and lotions. This Bambo Nature diaper is also an eco-friendly, chemical-free, disposable baby diapers are certified safe and perfect for sensitive skin.

Bambo Nature manufactures their products at their own plant in Denmark and is entirely in control of the materials they use, as well as their carbon footprint, which is greenhouse gases. They emphasize on recycling; all materials in the nappies are biodegradable (unlike regular disposable nappies which are thought to take around 500 years to decompose), and the fluff used in them are from sustainable resources, where more trees are planted rather than being chopped down.

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If those aren’t reasons enough to choose Bambo Nature, here are

6 Reasons why you should purchase Bambo Nature nappies

  • Has a unique, fully breathable back sheet to keep baby’s skin dry
  • Has a super absorbent core that ideally for overnight protection
  • Wetness indicator strip help to know when changes are needed
  • Nordic Ecolabel certification – Evaluates the environmental impact of products throughout their entire life cycle – from raw material selection to the manufacturing process, straight through to the disposal of the product.
  • Bambo Nature is the only baby diaper in the world with a certified eco-label; called the Nordic Swan Eco-label.
  • Asthma Allergy Denmark certification – the Smallest possible risk of causing allergy, eczema or skin irritation to the user. Products that earn this certification must contain no filters, perfume or formaldehyde.

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