Beauty Tricks for the Pregnant Mum

Staying beautiful and glowing with inner shine is, actually, not as impossible (or expensive!) as many women think. In fact, sometimes, the best things in life are other free or in your kitchen cupboard. Here, BabyTalk shares a handful of beautifully simple ways for pregnant mums to stay simply beautiful.


1. Malicious Melasma

Show melasma the door out by using homemade fruit facial mask. Melasma causes dark patches, especially with exposure to sunlight. Fresh oranges are a natural sunscreen where else apples and strawberries are natural, gentle skin lighteners. Use the puree or fresh juices of these fruits combined with a few drops of lemon juice and one teaspoon honey as beautifying facial mask.


2. Acne? What acne?

Fresh lemons to the rescue! Lemon is an amazing natural astringent that will help clear acne and blackheads without the harsh chemicals of acne treatments in general. Simply rub affected areas with a half a lemon and allow it to set for 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water and patting dry. Do this three times a week for a clear, smooth complexion.


3. Level up on those Vitamins.

Maintain a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables as well as fresh-juices or purees and of course lots of water. This keeps you looking and feeling fresh and revitalized from the inside out. This is the most important part of a natural remedy – a healthy diet that ensures your body and your baby receive all of the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain balance and strength while keeping your spirits up and refreshed!


4. Mark them down

Reduce stretch marks by massaging a mixture of one part vitamin E oil and one part almond oil into your skin. Self-massage with these natural oils should begin as early in the pregnancy as possible to help increase elasticity and firmness of the skin.

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5. Luster and shine 



Keep your hair beautiful by going all natural. During these nine months, your hair will grow at incredible speeds and will shine like never before. This is the best time to maintain your lustrous crowning glory by choosing an all natural conditioner; or better yet, make your own. Mash or puree half a cup of papaya and apply it as a rinse-off conditioner.


6. Up, up, baby

Prevent varicose veins by keeping your feet elevated while seated or sleeping. This simple yet effective fact is overlooked by many and yet it has been proven to keep unsightly varicose veins at bay for those who do this as often as possible.


7. You’ve got to move it, move it!

Exercise regularly, even if it is gentle exercise like walking, yoga or Pilates. Exercising regularly will help you keep your muscles toned, your body flexible and will help prevent excess baby weight. Exercise will also keep you energized and strong while pregnant, helping you stay glowing and beautiful.


Natural Softness hair treatment

Make a paste of half a banana, one-quarter of an avocado and one tablespoon of almond or olive oil, yoghurt and mayonnaise. Leave the mask onto your hair for fifteen minutes. Wash it out with a mild shampoo.


Brown spots be gone!

Puree an onion in a blender. Strain the juice into a bowl. Using a cotton ball, apply the juice all over the affected areas of the face and let it stay until the juice dries out. Rise with water.


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