Benefits Of Music Therapy For Pregnancy


Did you know that listening to music can be very beneficial for your pregnancy? It is very normal for new mothers to be anxious about their pregnancies. Most mothers being pregnant for the first time tend to worry over the slightest things. This is where music comes in to help you calm down.



Anxiety during pregnancy

It is not surprising that most first time mothers suffer from anxiety during pregnancy. Mothers tend to express a deep amount of concern for the health of their baby, the delivery process and more. To be more specific, anxiety is usually associated with prenatal health issues such as preeclampsia, preterm delivery and low-birth weight.

It is normal to be anxious but being too anxious can accumulate to a serious issue. Too much stress during pregnancy may lead to postnatal depression, if not controlled. This is why it is extremely important for mothers to learn how to keep their emotions in check and minimise their worries. If left unchecked, it can lead to several health complications.


Music therapy and its benefits

Music therapy has been proven to be effective in helping pregnant women release stress, anxiety and depression. According to a research conducted in Taiwan, it was found that pregnant women who listened to music showed a significant amount of reduction in stress whereas the ones who did not listen to music showed less improvement or none at all.

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A study showed that listening to music is a cost-effective and non-evasive way to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Nurses in a number of clinical settings are beginning to realise the value of music therapy. The therapy is very useful in calming a worrying mother down.

The music therapy also helps mothers and their babies form a deeper bond. After 14 weeks is when a fetus can hear sounds produced in the uterus. Another 6 weeks after that, they can also hear sounds from the outside world. This is when mothers and their babies can bond.

Besides reducing anxiety, music therapy also aims to love, acceptance and tranquillity, which are emotions that are beneficial for the baby’s development. If you’re also a first-time mother pregnant now, try this out by listening to some calming music.

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