5 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga



It’s important to not laze around when you are pregnant even though moving around can be tiring and tedious. You can take up prenatal yoga as a form of exercise to stay active and healthy. If you think sitting and lying down helps a lot, wait till you see what prenatal yoga can do for you.

1. Develops Stamina and Strength


The little human being in our body grows everyday which means more energy and strength is needed to handle the weight. With prenatal yoga, you will gain strength in your hips, back, arms and shoulders which will allow you to move around with much more ease than before.

2. Relieves Body Tension


As the baby grows, the increased weight creates tension in your muscles. Also, pregnant women tend to have swollen breasts which also stresses the upper back. Prenatal yoga helps to relieve the tension of the lower back, hips, chest, upper back, neck and shoulders.

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3. Increases Circulation


Pregnant women who participate in prenatal yoga classes increases their blood circulation which is beneficial for their babies. When the blood circulation is smooth, it decreases the swelling and also create a healthy environment for the baby to live in.

4. Calms Nervous System


Pregnant mothers tend to worry too much and stress about their lifestyle to make sure that the best is done for their baby. Prenatal yoga is a great way to de-stress and calm yourself. The deep breathing method used in this exercise not only calms you down but helps you to sleep better and digest properly.

5. Preparation For Labor


You might struggle in the first few sessions of prenatal yoga where you try conscious breathing during each pose. However, this will help tremendously when you go into labor as you have practiced this way of breathing which eases the tension when you deeply exhale when pushing out the baby.

source: Fitpregnancy

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