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Ah, your honeymoon was the best. White, sandy beaches, clear ocean waters, and one-on-one time with your new hubby. If only you could turn back time and relive it all over again. A month or two passed and you realized that Aunt Flo hasn’t been making her regular visits. It couldn’t be, could it? A couple of pregnancy tests later, and you find out, you’re expecting a baby! Cue the ensuing joy and panic. What if you’re not a good parent? What if you’re not giving your baby everything it needs? Well, just find help with Bookdoc. You will be able to find the best gynaecologist for you, to ensure that your baby is growing and developing fine. Not only that, they will also be there for your when the baby eventually arrives.



It’s D-day! The baby is here! After 9 months of going through various pregnancy symptoms, it’s finally time to bring it out into the world. Now all you need to worry about is making sure your baby grows well and what cute clothes to put them in. Or maybe not. With so many vaccines and check ups needed in their first few years, it is important to have a paediatrician that you can trust. Once again, Bookdoc comes into play. With this, you can easily find the best doctor for your baby without having to worry about what to do when your baby falls ill.


Not only that, with the end of pregnancy comes all the baby weight! Motivate yourself to shed those pounds and live a healthier lifestyle so that you will be able to care for your baby better with the Bookdoc app. When you are healthy, you will have more energy to take care of your baby, and to ensure that you only give them your best. Get rid of the loose clothing you wore when you were still developing your baby bump and be able to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes with confidence once again!


Suffice to say, it is paramount for us to ensure that our health remains optimal be it throughout your wedding, or throughout motherhood. After all, how are you going to prove all those naysayers wrong and be the superwoman that you have the potential to be?

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