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BRAND’S® is best known for their chicken essence. However, did you know that they also produce other types of products that are meant to help support you through your pregnancy journey? Here’s the run-down on some of their products and how they can help.

BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken



As their best-known product with more than 180 years of legacy, there’s really not much that needs introducing. So how does it help with your pregnancy? When you’re pregnant, you will find that you tend to feel tired easily, and can have pretty drastic mood swings as a result of that as well. So in order to help keep your energy up and improve your mood, have some chicken essence! After all, a happier mom is good for the baby too. In addition, you can start consuming BRAND’S® chicken essence from 34 weeks of pregnancy onwards to stimulate the breast glands to start producing milk prior to giving birth. The chicken essence can also help improve the quality of your breastmilk. That will help ensure that your baby gets all the right nutrients when they need it most.

BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken with Tangkwei


If you’re not familiar with Tangkwei (Dong Quai), it is an ingredient that can help with women who are experiencing unpleasant menstrual symptoms like cramps and so on. It can also help reproduce blood after menstruation. So how can it help you? During your confinement period, you might notice yourself having menstrual-like symptoms and losing blood. So to keep your energy up in order to ensure that you can take care of your baby, drinking this will definitely help. Also, it helps to “warm up” your body after giving birth and improves blood circulation so as to facilitate faster recovery and better complexion.

BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar


Bird’s nest has many functions, including maintaining your health while also making your skin look radiant. How does this help? In addition to helping you maintain your health, bird’s nest can also help you cleanse your lungs and regulate your respiratory system. This will in turn decrease the chances of catching a cold or cough, keeping your baby healthy as well. So, not only will you look amazing, you will also be able to maintain your health and care for your baby too.

Early stages of pregnancy are the most critical time for the foetus, especially during its formative stage. Taking bird’s nest from the 2nd trimester (16 weeks) onwards helps strengthen your body against pregnancy related ailments while promoting cell division for the foetus.

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InnerShine® Berry Essence Beauty Drink


Berries have various health properties, especially when it comes to protecting your eyesight. In this technological age, it’s no surprise that everyone is glued to some form of electronic device, especially their phones. With the glaring lights and constant exposure to radiation, it’s no surprise that your vision will end up being compromised. By drinking this drink, it will help minimize the impact of using these devices on your eyes since InnerShine® Berry Essence helps to nourish and protect your eyes from free radicals emitted by electronic devices.

InnerShine® Prune Essence with Camu Camu


If you ever feel bloated or are experiencing constipation, this drink is definitely for you. With a variety of ingredients like prune essence and resistant maltodextrin, it will definitely help clear up your digestive tract. Not only that, the camu camu is high in Vitamin C, which will help ensure that your immune system stays up to par, which is important if you are pregnant or have to care for your baby.

InnerShine® Marine Collagen with Kyoho Grape Mix Jelly


As women, we all know how important collagen is. Not only will it help prevent signs of aging, it can also help improve your health in various ways. Fish collagen can help with bone healing and regeneration, wound healing, increases protein intake and has anti-bacterial abilities. All these properties are pretty essential, regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not. The added perk to this product is that it’s in jelly form with tasty Kyoho grape extracts to make it an enjoyable snack with only 16kcal, while the fine collagen molecules are easily absorbed by the body for a better outcome. Furthermore, the collagen jelly strips are handy enough for you to carry along wherever you go. That way, you can stay healthy and keep looking fabulous while on-the-go.

So really, whatever you could need in order to keep your health throughout pregnancy and confinement, or just in general, you will be able to find what you need with BRAND’S®. To find out more about these products or any other maternity or baby products, visit now to enjoy the best deals.

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