Which type of Breast Milk is the Best for Your Baby?

breast milk
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To all mums out there! It’s time to get to know the best milk for your babies. Here’s a concise info for you about breast milk.

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Mom’s milk is the best food and drink for babies especially since birth till they six months old. It contains all the benefits with the right balance. Breastfeeding with breast milk is an important step towards the development of a healthy baby.

Mothers who care about the health and development of their babies are more likely to know about the benefits of breast milk. There is also a way to store milk properly. In fact, find out the common problem of breastfeeding mothers.


breast milk

3 types of breast milk you need to know:

1. Colostrum

Colostrum milk is the initial milk produced several days after delivery. This type milk is thicker, yellowish-brown and slightly concentrated milk but it contains a very high nutrition. It is rich in antibodies and avoids infants from illness. Colostrum acts as the first immunization that can fight infections such as diarrhea, flu, and pneumonia.

2. Foremilk

Foremilk is produced at the beginning. It contains lactose and protein. The color is quite thin (liquid) and plenty of water, which works to eliminate the baby’s thirst. To avoid the texture turns liquid-types, mums should maintain a healthy diet for good milk results. For example, milk, dates, almonds, white radishes, or milk booster.

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3. Hindmilk

Hindmilk is compact, thick, and slightly yellowish milk. It is the final milk of breastfeeding.This milk would make the baby easily full as it has high energy for the growth of the baby.

breast milk
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The goodness of breastmilk is not just a cure and acts as a wall inhibiting the disease but it also improves the intelligence of the baby’s brain. Two recent Cambridge studies in England and Flinders Australia prove that breast-feeding babies, their IQ intelligence can reach seven to 10 points above normal IQ.

In fact, studies from Holland show breastmilk contains Docosahexanoic Acid and Arachidonic Acid that is not available in artificial milk useful for the growth of the nervous system.

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breast milk
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