Can You Prevent Your Child from Developing Allergies?


Allergic conditions can range from an allergy to certain foods, allergy to airborne substances, asthma to life-threatening allergic reactions. It is known that these allergic conditions can be genetically inherited in the families. Therefore, when one or both parents have an allergic condition, it raises the likelihood of your child of getting this allergic condition. It has raised concerns among parents how to prevent their child from getting allergic conditions. In general, we can divide the prevention of allergies in two big categories, which are the prevention of food allergies and prevention of environmental allergies or asthma.




A) Prevention of food allergies :

A food allergy can range from eczema to a life-threatening allergic reaction. Some people may manifest food allergies as atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis and asthma. The common food allergies triggers include shellfish, tree nuts, egg, soy, wheat, fish, cow’s milk and peanuts.

Mother’s diet restriction on these possible allergens has no effect in the prevention of food allergies in the child. Mother’s intake of sufficient nutrients is more important than avoiding those possible food allergens. If your baby can breastfeed, it is the best nutrition available for your child. However, if the baby cannot breastfeed, then it is recommended to drink hypoallergenic substitutes than cow’s milk or soy formulas.

After 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding, you may start to introduce some solid foods to the baby’s diet. These include fruit, vegetables and cereals which is given at an interval of 3-5 days. During this period of time, it is a slow process that helps parents to identify and eliminate the food that causes allergic reactions. The earlier you introduced the possibly allergenic food to your baby, the less likely you baby will develop allergic conditions in the future.

Always consult the doctor or allergist if there are any allergic conditions developed or having siblings that have the food allergies.

B) Prevention of environmental allergies or asthma :

Environmental allergies more related to the prevention of asthma in your asthma. If you or your partner has asthma, your child has a higher risk of getting this condition. Therefore, identifying the common environmental triggers can help to reduce the asthma attack. The common environmental triggers include dust mites, pets or animals, tobacco smoke and pollens.

If you think your child has allergic conditions, please to your allergist or doctor to identify the cause of the allergic conditions. The identification of allergen may require some allergic testing which is a safe and effective testing. It can provide precise information on what your child is allergic to and not allergic to.

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