Illness & Disorders


Risks Of Childhood Obesity


The statistics of Malaysians suffering from obesity has been increasing drastically over the years. According to Star2, Malaysia is now Asia’s fattest country with…

In A Glance: Colic


What is it? Highlighted Defined as inconsolable crying in an otherwise healthy and well-cared-for baby, colic usually occurs for more than three hours a…

Cold, be gone!


A common cold is a viral infection which effects your baby’s upper respiratory tract – the nose and throat. The first thing you would…

Fever in babies


A fever usually indicates that your child’s little body is busy fighting an infection. Listed here are the symptoms to watch out for. Use…

Baby coughs


Coughing in babies and toddlers is very common. The sound of a bad cough from a little child can be alarming to some, but…

Eye See You!


Understanding eye issues in young children Healthy eyes and vision are often overlooked by parents when it comes to the well-being of their children….