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Top 10 Organic Baby Products


When it comes to your baby, every day is an opportunity to go green. Luckily, it’s never been easier or more affordable to find…

Baby Pacifier

Are Dummies Bad for Babies?


Love them or hate them, parents have used dummies, pacifiers, comforters, or soothers for centuries. As the names suggest, parents use them to calm…

Parenting Advise

5 Worst Parenting Advise


Nothing can really prepare you for being a mother. However, given the amount of advice available to people with kids these days, you might…

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52 Best Apps for Kids


These days, its interesting to note that while only about 10% of children ages 2-5 can tie their own shoes,  more or less 25%…

Understanding Why Babies Cry


By Jennifer Hor, Midwife and International Certified Trainer and Therapist, Jenlia Maternity Services; Parenting Educator, Co Author of Asian Parenting Today Everyone knows that babies cry….

Organic Skincare For Babies


Your baby’s skin Highlighted Many parents worry about their baby’s well –being from almost every aspect, except what is being absorbed into their skin,…

Read to me, Mummy!


Time and time again we’ve heard that infants and babies should be read to as a habit.Most of us wonder why on earth should…

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The Art of Appreciation


Gratitude and thankfulness are the trickiest to instil into little children, who, most, by nature, are quite self-centred. However, they are important values to…

Make your kid a smarty pants!


There are many advantages to having a smart kid. A kid who is brainy and smart does well in school, gets scholarships and also…

Kids On Protest


Raising a child is not exactly rocket science if you know how to fight the battle – and win it. Elizabeth Pantley, author of…

7 ways to raise a future leader


There isn’t a parent that does not wish to see their child achieve great success in life. Some may even dream of their offspring…

20 ways to have Fun with your kids


Keeping kids entertained with wholesome activities can sometimes be quite a challenge. Kids these days would sooner sit at their computers or be glued…