How Do I Know If My Child Is Keeping Up With Their Peers?


As they grow older, your child will go to kindergarten and receive formal education in schools. During this period, your child constructs their perception towards the world through interaction with their friends. Kindergarten and school is the place where they spend most of their day. Your child is more connected with their friends. Therefore, children can be more influenced by the peer’s acceptance and judgement. As parents, we are concerned about their wellbeing and keeping up with peers. Following are some tips that help you to gauge and improve their interaction with their peers without ending up as a helicopter parent.


peersCommunicate with your children and their teacher

This is the simplest and best way to know your children’s daily activities. It can be done during a family dinner. During mealtimes, all mobiles phones should be put away, and that time should be used discussing everyone’s day. It is a great way for your child to express themselves as it is a non-judgemental environment and a great sharing platform. Parents can be busy working sometimes, but it is worth the effort to just sit down and talk. When there are any struggles or concerns, always try to think of a solution. Reinforcing the solutions with your children when there are similar problems in the future. Since teachers track the progress of your child in school, it is important to communicate with them from time to time if there is any problem. They will provide a better picture of social interaction and action in details. This is important for you as parents to find the missing pieces.

peersAlways focus your child’s progress rather than comparing with their peers.

Every child is born different with strengths and weaknesses. In many aspects of life, there is always someone who is doing better than the others. Of course, even if your little one does not keep up with other children in some aspects, they could be excelling in other aspects. Teach your child to focus on goals rather comparing with others. Comparison forces them react quickly to fit in the peers without thinking much. Teach them the importance of progression, setting small goals at a time is more achievable. As long as your child see improvements and progresses, their sense of self is better and motivated to keep them going.

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peersTeach them the importance of choosing friends wisely

Friends give us the sense of belonging. It is a powerful influence in your children’s life, therefore choosing friends wisely is an important lesson. If someone does not want to make friends with your child, help them to realise that different people have different characteristics and personalities. There is no “one size fits all” when comes to making friends. As an adult, we are struggling and constantly facing this situation. Your child should be reminded to appreciate the strengths of other friends and learn from them.

In conclusion, helping your child to have a good foundation is beneficial in the long term. These skills are applicable to their relationship, working or family life in the future.

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