Poor Hygiene And Uncomfortable Clothing Put On Children Could Pose A Health Risk


Gynecological problems are not limited to just adult women or women who have already had sex and can even affect young girls. For women of reproductive age, common gynecological issues arise in the form of itchy or inflamed private parts, abdominal pain, vaginal discharge, or involuntary urination. Other than that, without proper care or hygiene, even young children that have not yet reached puberty can be susceptible to such ailments.

Ms. Tian who hails from Wuhan, China has a six-year-old daughter who is one such victim, leading to inflammation and swollen private parts. As is typical for many mothers, she loves dressing up her daughter in pretty clothes. Then, she often buys these clothes via online shopping platforms. These clothes are usually pretty, dainty clothing like ‘princess’ dress or skinny leggings.


Ms. Tian loves dressing up her daughter in ‘pretty clothes’. (Image via FeedyTV)

‘Pretty Clothes’

Then, Ms. Tian discovered that her daughter would often rub her legs together. She did not think much of it, and thought that her daughter had begun to develop early. After that she found out that her daughter’s panties were often filled with vaginal discharge. She began to get worried and decided to take her child to the hospital for a checkup.

It was then that the doctor announced that her daughter had gynecological diseases. Ms. Tian was extremely shocked to find out about this result. She completely did not expect that her young six-year-old daughter would have such diseases.

Uncomfortable Clothing and Poor Hygiene

From the checkup, the doctor also stated that it was likely to be her daughter’s outfit that was the cause. The pants that her daughter wore were too tight, with non-breathable fabric. Ms. Tian suddenly recalled that he daughter had often said that it was uncomfortable to wear those pants. However, she had just dismissed her daughter’s words as mere complaints of a disobedient child.

Furthermore, the doctor also further elaborated that wearing tight or damp clothes could pose as a health risk. Unnecessarily tight or damp clothes would create an ideal environment for harmful bacteria to spread, especially around the private parts area. Then, this would lead to gynecological diseases such as vaginal infections or vaginal fungi.

For younger children, it is important to take note of their cleanliness and ensure that they have good hygiene. Proper hygiene measures should be taken, including basic practices such as washing hands after using the toilet and not sharing personal items like toothbrushes.

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