5 Things To Consider When Going To Confinement Centres

confinement centres

Most young mothers nowadays are most likely to look for confinement centres once they find out that they are pregnant. The Chinese practice postnatal confinement by spending 28 days after childbirth to recuperate from the physical stress of childbirth. 

It allows mothers to recover and strengthen their bodies. In fact, confinement is the custom of staying at home or at the centre for recovery. It is important that new moms get enough rest and sleep to avoid being exhausted. In traditions, it is said that mothers and babies must not step out of the house. This is due to traditional contraindications saying that mothers are not allowed to catch the cold wind and to avoid rheumatism.

In the past, mothers or mother-in-law to take care of the newborns during their confinement. However, this could lead to some disagreements during your confinement which could affect your relationship with them. There are times when they might ignore your ideas such as feeding, bathing and even discipline.


Why Confinement Centre?

With confinement centres, it gives mothers an alternative. Confinement centres provide internal facilities with pleasant environments and professional nutritionists. They provide healthy confinement meals, assisting recovery so that you can be back in fighting fit condition as soon as possible. At the same time, they provide breastfeeding information and professional nursing care for babies. In fact, confinement centres could reduce your mother and mother-in-law’s burden.

What are the 5 Things To Consider Before Going To Confinement Centres?

Will You Be Given Support 24/7?

At a confinement centre, you will be given 24/7 care and attention. Normally, they will have staff working round the clock. Besides, they are able to provide professional advice or simply an extra pair of hands. If you’re having any troubles caring for your baby, no worries! Help will be available for you.

Why worry?

I am sure you are worried about the food there. But you shouldn’t be because they provide a healthy meal that is tailored by the nutritionist. The confinement ladies there are good at preparing nutritious meals suited for new mothers. They may even introduce you to new dishes to share with your whole family!

What Can You Learn?

As a new mother, there’s no way that you could know more about caring for a newborn as compared to an experienced confinement lady. This is an opportunity for you to dive into their wealth of knowledge and learn some practical tips and information on how to adapt to being a new mother. Even better, they might share with you some of the tips to regain your figure after childbirth.

What About The Cost?

The reality is that confinement centres are expensive. Some even cost you up to RM 10K. And you have to make your booking beforehand for good quality confinement centres!

At the end of the day, only you and your husband can make the decision whether you should opt for confinement centre. It would definitely be great to let the professional ones to take care of you and your newborn. But you need to do your research and ensure that you will be receiving care from experienced, professional and qualified people.

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