Creative Handcrafted Toys Ideas To Do With Your Kids Without Breaking the Bank

Welp, today is just another day and another toy request from our kids. Of course, toys are wonderful! Not only are toys fun for our kids, but they provide many benefits as well, especially in our kids’ growth development. The best of the best toys are those that engage with a child’s senses, spark their imagination and encourage them to interact with others. 

As a parent, I believe you have prepared yourselves to expect many demands from (and for) your little ones. Being attentive to their needs becomes our priority. And playing with the kids is literally our job. Instead of simply playing with them every single day, why not spend more enjoyable moments with your kids by creating their toys together through D.I.Y!

Put aside your children’s tablet and together with your little ones, create your own toys like these gorgeous mommies!

  1. Super cute Sheep Family Craft & Sticker Tracing Activity. 

2. Get creative with the fun Finger Paints. 

3. Upgrade your pouches!

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Untuk project Aayiz Emergency Pouch ni, all items i beli kat Mr. DIY @mrdiy2u je. The reason being banyak guna stickers sebab non toxic, anak-anak pun boleh help to deco the bag so kira FUN PROJECT WITH KIDDOS 🙂 Dan mudah sangat nak buat. . I will place the red bag in my car so if tetiba outing ke, at least ada emergency bag for Aayiz. Ni i akan isi diaper, wet tissue, sepasang baju, car toys Aayiz or pack snacksdan ubat Sudocreme etc. Ni botol susu pun boleh muat sebab besar. And pastu letak je dalam stroller or handbag kita if muat. The Green Bag i memang letak dalam handbag i so tak bersepah. Ni usually letak diaper, wet tissue, sudocreme mini or car toys dia. Cost untuk 1 pouch is around RM10 🎀 DIY Cloth – RM2 🎀 Sticker RM3.11 & RM1.42 🎀 Deco Flower RM2.74 🎀 Washi Glitter Tape RM4.70 🎀Mounting Tape (Eva) RM1.13 🎀 Shoes Bag (Red) RM5.57 🎀Document Bag (Green) RM2.28 Total around RM23+ dapat 2 beg boleh main deco-deco dengan anak. . Simple nak buat dan juga tak mahal. Suka sangat Mr. DIY! #diymomchallenge #alwayslowprices #mrdiy #motherhoodcommy #parentingblogger #diycrafts #diyforkids

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4. The perfect indoor activity. 

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Kalau weekend mesti akan ‘cari’ aktiviti untuk anak anak. Kalau tak plan nak keluar, haruslah cari aktiviti indoor. Takut kids bosan. Tempat favourite I haruslah @mrdiy2u Kat sini memang ada macam macam bahan untuk beraktiviti sekeluarga. This week I teringin nak buat craft dari batang aiskrim. Dok tengok barang comel comel ni memang geram. I kira kira total , eh cuma RM 24.33 😱 Popsicle Wood- RM 2.90 x 2 Popsicle Color- RM 2.91 x 2 Glue- RM 3.49 DIY Cloth – RM 1.98 Button- RM 2.36 Sunflower- RM 2.70 Eye- RM 1.98 Sangat affordable okay. Mommies boleh lah beli bahan kat sini and start family aktiviti dengan anak anak tersayang 💜 #diymomchallenge #alwayslowprices #motherhoodcommy #mrdiy

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5. More flowers for your garden.

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There's no way to be a perfect mother, but a millions way to be a good one. I have spent the day DIY some arts and crafts with my girls recently. I believe that there are many benefits of arts and crafts that go beyond simply allowing the kids to express themselves in a more creative way. More importantly, I can easily get all the tools that I need at @mrdiy2u I have bought the Slime Activator Kit for RM 4.80 to DIY the fun slime for them to play with. I have also did some cupcake liner flowers that express the whole lot of love with them. The materials needed to make the cupcake liner flowers are; ☘️ Cupcake Liner (Big) RM 2.40 ☘️ Cupcake Liner (Small) RM 2 ☘️ Rhinestone Stickers RM 2.64 & RM 1.79 ☘️ Scissors RM 2.90 ☘️ Color paper RM 5.85 ☘️ Handicraft Popsicle sticks RM 2.91 ☘️ Art glue RM 3.30 We had so much fun DIY together. It's one of the best thing to do to exploring their own imagination. 😊 #diymomchallenge #alwayslowprices #mrdiy #motherhoodcommy

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6. Create your own avatar. 

7. Busy board for the busy little boss.

8. Ingenious “Ball Roller Track”. 

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Low cost endless fun with @mrdiy2u !! I spent only Rm12.07 for hours of fun at home . We managed to DIY two fun and educational games at home in less than 30 mins . It involved lots of cutting and colour naming in the process too, that’s what I really love about DIY at home . 😁 First we’ve got ‘ball roller track’. Hand eye coordination is a key skill for your lil one to develop. This game is the best for it! Furthermore lotsa fun and laughter too !!😆 Secondly we got colour coordination sticks and cups . They learn sorting and matching from playing with it. Of course colour naming too. Who says fun times are costly ?? Now u know !;) DIY with your lil ones at home and enjoy ! #diymomchallenge #alwayslowprices #mrdiy #motherhoodcommy

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Those sure are a bunch of colourful, interactive and fun handcrafted toys! What’s more special for these mommies is, the time spent together worth so much more compared to the materials used to create one toy. Their little secret? MR DIY!

Creating Cherished Moments at Low Prices, Always

Without breaking the bank, you can now simply handcraft toys along with your kids. Plus, if you are running out of ideas on what toys to give to your nieces, nephews, or friend’s baby, why not create one by yourselves? It will be more special and meaningful to boot!

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This article is published for MR DIY. 

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