Do you have more than one child? Your health could be at risk!

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Having more than one child can lead to serious health and heart diseases. This is the result of a study led by Universities of Cambridge and North Carolina. Let us explain you all in details, parents.

How having children and health problems are related?


The study was carried out on more around 9000 White and African American women in the USA. Those women were between 45-64 years old. The goal was to determine the influence of giving birth and possible health troubles in the long run. Indeed, the results showed some correlation between the number of children delivered by a woman and the chances to suffer from heart problems.

There is an increased risk of 40% for women having 5 or more children to be victims of a severe heart attack compared to women with only one or two kids.
Having 3 to 4 child will also increase the risks but in a more moderate way. However, more concerning rises in distinct areas (30% increased risk of heart disease, as well as a 25% increased risk of strokes…) are found comparing women having 1 or 2 children to one with 5 or more.

How to prevent these kinds of risks?

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Mom, this study wasn’t carried out to be a source of stress. The led searcher Dr Clare Oliver-Williams declared “The aim of my research is not to scare women but to bring to their attention as early as possible whether they might be at increased risk of heart attacks.” It is essential to follow your heart and desire to have as many children as you wish. Listening to your body and resting is important.

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Raising a child is a source of stress, so it is crucial to take some time for yourself. As a couple, it is also wise to think about how having another child will impact your life.

A mom testimony:
Jules Conjoice a 48 years old mother declared, “Although you might think it’s unusual for a woman in their 40s to have a heart attack, I’m proof that it can happen to any of us. As a busy mother, I’m always putting my family first and looking after my health can take a back seat sometimes. I hope research like this brings it home to busy mothers and fathers that it’s important to look after themselves as much as they care for their families.

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