’s Community Day Out At Farm In The City

On the 29th of September,, in partnership with Pertiwi, hosted an event to Farm in The City. Farm in the City, also known as FITC is a place that educates visitors on various aspects of wildlife and farm animals. This event is a part of our CSR programme, which is also known as corporate or community service where we volunteer to help around.

For this event, we brought along a few families who are underprivileged to have a fun day trip with our staff. The kids and families were chosen by Pertiwi. For this to happen, we worked along with Pertiwi to organize this field trip. Pertiwi Soup Kitchen provides food aid service for needy and homeless people and runs weekly food distribution in KL.


In the morning, everyone gathered at the bus station and departed to McDonald’s in Seri Kembangan. There were about 10 children and a few adults who came along with them. All of us had breakfast together. The kids enjoyed their meal very much, and everyone was delighted.

After lunch, we headed straight to FITC, and we reached there in the afternoon. Before going into the farm, the worker, which was our guide for the day introduced us to the farm. It was a good start and the kids were all super excited to go on their little adventure.


Our first stop was the tortoise farm. Before going in, the person in charge gave each of us a veggie to feed the turtles. Some of them were huge and gigantic, and some were just average sized turtles. The kids each take turns to feed the giant tortoises, and they took many pictures. They enjoyed feeding the tortoises and had such a great time.

After that, our second stop was the reptiles cavern. Here, we experience the beautiful world of reptiles. There were alligators, Phytons, Dwarf Caiman and the Mangrove Snakes. The children were so fascinated by the reptiles and some of them were afraid, haha!

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The bird aviary in this farm is a large and airy enclosure for birds. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the birds by feeding and petting them, and there were many different types of birds.

After the bird aviary, we were brought to see alpacas, deer and sheep. The kids fed them happily and petted them. All of them enjoyed petting the animals, and there were giggles everywhere! There was longkang fishing too. The kids enjoyed fishing, and they were all having so much fun. The fun part about longkang fishing is to remind visitors of Malaysian’s culture and heritage.

We then went to the Jungle walk, and we walked among unique animals. We then enjoyed a fantastic performance by 6 super smart parrots. Everyone enjoyed the performance, and after the show, everyone gave them a big round of applause, especially all these happy children! They can’t stop smiling throughout the whole performance!


Last but not least, it was time to feed the pelicans, so,  the children were given a chance to volunteer to feed the birds, and they had such a wonderful time. By the end of the day, we had a Q&A session for the kids. Every one of them a goodie bag. They were all very excited and they loved it.

Of course, we want to thank our sponsors for letting this event happen. Without Faber-Castell and MPH Bookstore, we wouldn’t be able to achieve so much for the children.



After the whole event, the children were all thrilled but tired. It was indeed a tiring day but also an excellent experience for each and every one of us. Watch the full video of our day out below!

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