Habits That Parents Need To Break

If only children come with an instruction, it would be easier to take care of them but neither does parenting. It’s all practical, on-the-job training. Sometimes along the way of parenting, we make mistakes that we are not aware of. The ways we behave, act and speak are more likely to be followed by our kids. Kids are like parrots that are so easy to copy what you do. They watch, act, and reenact. Despite how you think of your overly amusing and lovely behaviors, it could actually detrimental to your children. We all have our habits, small or big don’t matter; we still have them. But one thing for sure we need to break one or two or all of them to be a good role model to our kids.


Your Lack of Attention

Your addiction to your smartphone or laptop is doing you and your family no good. Put that phone down and talk to your children. We often see during lunches or mealtime outside, the parents are often either on their phone talking or scrolling through their Facebook. It’s no wonder their kids are on their phone too, because their “role model” is also on their phone. It’s Friday night and you and your whole family are having a movie night in. While the intro is rolling, you whip your phone scroll through your news feed instead of watching it with your family. That’s the bad habit you and every other parent around the world are having. Technologies are bad for the nation, but since the world is modernizing, what we can do is resist ourselves from surrendering to technologies.




Your Cursing Habit

Guilty as charged, parents. A car changing lane without a signal, you curse. Someone’s cutting your line when you have been waiting for an hour, you curse. When you dropped something or you are startled, you curse. STOP! Your kids will think that cursing is a part of talking in daily lives. You don’t want your baby’s first word to be a curse word, do you?




Your Habit of Looking at Other Parents’ Bad Habits

Talking behind other people’s back with your kid nearby is a bad move. So yeah, your friends are yelling at their kids in front of everyone. And yes, that parents in the supermarket are dragging their kids because they want something. So what? We know you want to change them and what they are doing is wrong. Everyone has his or her own bad habits. You do too. Instead of focusing on other people’s habits, focus on yours. If you are not doing what they are doing, kudos to you then!

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Your Staying in The Box Habit

Don’t stop your kids from trying something new if you rather stick to what you know best. Let your kids explore this world of wonder instead of being closed on trying. We know the roller coaster ride is dangerous and scary, but let your kids try them. We know that sour flavored ice cream is weird, but let your kids have a taste. If they don’t like it, then they can put it aside. If they do, then that’s great! At least they tried something new.


Your Negative Self-Talk

Saying, “I’m too fat” or “I’m getting old!” are what you called negative self-talk. Yes, you are not saying that to your kids, but you are saying them in front of your kids. What if you hear them say it to themselves? How would you react? Tell them they are nonsense and they are wrong to do that? Well is that fair? Because they learned it from you. We get it, you want to lose weight. Then emphasize on the healthy meals you are talking about how good they are and the benefits. Instead of worrying you are getting older, tell them about how much experience you’ve had and the blessing you have for staying alive that long.





Telling White Lies

Okay, yeah, we do it too. But we gotta stop, parents. WE really got to stop. Unless if we want our kids to lie to us, even if it’s little white lies, then yeah. But no, we don’t. So stop asking your kids from keeping a secret that you guys just went to McDonald to get some McFlurry. Stop telling your kids to never tell their dad that you just went for a grocery shopping without him knowing. Stop telling them to keep a secret or lie for you or with you!



Your Short Fuse

Sure, reacting to certain situation by having a meltdown is kind of satisfying. But going overboard in going ballistic over the smallest of things will make your kids think your reaction is the correct way of reacting to a situation. Have you ever had your child ignoring you while you talk? That’s the sign that they thought what you are saying (or nagging) are the same thing you talk about the day before. They’ll feel like that’s your everyday talk and demands. Control the way you speak to your children. It’s bad enough, they ignore when you talk. You don’t want them to shout back at you saying something mean.


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