’s Father’s Day Special – Can Dads Be Cool?

To celebrate Father’s Day, meet Michael from our team! Father of two kids, he will share with you his thoughts and hopes about being a Father. But also, how being a dad has impacted his daily life and relationship with his wife.

How is like being a dad?

When he first found out that he was going to be a Dad. Michael had to give a break to his dream. Indeed, how can you transport a kid when you’re riding a motorbike? Being cautious to prepare everything for his kids he had to sell his bike to buy a family car. Anyway, he soon realized that “being a dad is a gift, seeing your kids grow from the time the crawl, from the time they walk, from the time they will be running and rebel”. He also added, “It’s very touching to see your baby growing, especially when you finally realize that you’re not holding a baby anymore”.

The struggles of being a dad?

As everyone knows to have a kid comes with a lot of responsibilities and will take a lot of your time. It has changed his relationship with his wife, “she is working in a mall so we basically have a hard time to meet each other”. Michael also emphasizes how being a Dad has changed him for the best. “You are a role model to your little ones, you teach them and have to set the tone right. In a way, you yourself have not to be a kid anymore and grow up.”

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His best memories and advice

On his best memories of being a father, he shared that the birth of his two children was an exceptional moment for him “A lot of people told me that I was going to cry. I said to myself that I won’t be crying because I’m not an emotional type of person. When I saw the head of my children coming out of the mother wound, I cried emotionally, I felt it was the most precious gift sent by God.”

His advice to all parents his to be patient and always talk to your partner in order to make the best decisions for your kids.

Watch the full video just below!


We at wold like to wish all dads a very Happy Father’s Day!

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